The Best Bridal Makeup Beauty Secrets by Olivia Ha

“The Best Bridal Makeup and Hair in Toronto” a Bride Could Ever Ask For.

“Makeup isn’t about being or looking like someone else, but its being the better you” – Olivia

Joy & Nathan’s Wedding

“Olivia, I can’t thank you enough for not only being my makeup artist but a wonderful friend. You have a beautiful personality… wishing i was living in canada more so I can catch up with you.” – Joy

Makeup and Hair: Bride and Mother of the Bride

A lot of these days people are afraid to have a makeup artist apply makeup for them. Why?

When I first started out on this career, I found that many artists couldn’t highlight the features I loved about myself. I went around going from store to store and artist to artist and in the end, ended up doing my own makeup after much time and money that has been wasted.

I found I didn’t look like myself, I looked like someone else, where a different ‘heavier’ and ‘meaner’ personality came out rather than the real sides of me.

Since then, I have been quite dedicated to helping women see their own unique, true beauty. Hidden amongst our illusions about “beauty” after the media has brainwashed us to change everything about our faces.

That is why I use a very unique approach to makeup….

You first see and recognize the beauty.

Before you even have all the best tools in the world….
Before you have the best skill and techniques in applying makeup….
Before you even start working on the face!

I can hand you all the best things in the world but if you don’t envision it, your beauty cannot be seen through your own makeup.

That is why I have dedicated myself to give everyone a chance to experience this. Every woman deserves to feel that way on her wedding day, and all the time.

As a Bridal Makeup Toronto Artist, I aim to provide you the best kind of service you hope for. One where you’re truly cherished and loved for who you are.

Here my website you will find unique beauty secrets I have discovered through my research and experience at the convenience of a computer – or doorstep! if you wish for me to deliver the experience to you with my own hands.

Life is meant to be lived happily beautiful, with abundant memories to be cherished – Smiling.

Your Bridal Makeup Toronto Artist,

Effortlessly, Naturally, Beautiful.

Olivia Ha

416 558 2518
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Serving Bridal Makeup Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, RichmondHill, Markham, and all of GTA, Ontario.
Travel destination services also available.

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