Undertone Colours

1. Warm or Cool?

First look at a person's skin colour in comparison to a neutral colour foundation.
(If you don't have a neutral colour, compare it to a pink colour and a olive colour foundation.)
Does it fall to a warm (olive) or cool (pink) side? Or what about in between - Neutral?

Mix your proportions using the available colours you have for the perfect % combination of cool and warm..

2. Common undertone colours

For example, East Indian/East Asian for the medium-darker skintones have a lot of golden, olive based colour in it. For the more fair skintones, it is usually pink or neutral based, and sometimes a combination of both!

Orientals usually have a olive, yellow, yellow/green undertone sometimes or a golden yellow tinge.

Mediterranean skintones sometimes have a sallow complexion that would look nice if a cool pink, tan undertone is added to their complexion

Latinas/Hispanic ethnicities often times have a beautiful gold or warm tan undertone.

African American skintones have a ruddy rustic red colour sometimes, or an orange/yellow gold glow.

For the common Fair Caucasian, has a pink undertone with a lot of blue, red, often times purple discoloration and will look best with warmer orange, warm tan colours!

This is a more generalized indication of what undertones are in different ethnicities but use your eye and intuition as it is the best indicator for you! I hope these tips have provided you a better understanding of how to makeup different skintones! The following is a video featuring a former bride and winner of the first ever Oliva Ha Makeover Contest by the name of Diana. She is a wonderful latina mother of two who got the chance to experience a makeover with me. See for yourself an example in real-time of how I match the unique skin tone of a hispanic woman here:

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