10 Things you can do to Improve your Happiness in Relationships

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1. Choose to be happy rather than right.

2. Think of all the kind deeds done for you lately. You may not even realize how many there are, no matter how small they even are. Do a kind deed back. This is how to spread around your world more good things to happen back.

3. Write thank you notes. This appreciation gives you so much positive energy that will feed yours and others happiness. It all adds to a happier world for you and others.

4. Smile!! Even if you’re not happy, you will catch yourself being happy all of a sudden.

5. Speak of only good things where it invokes a more happy atmosphere for all.

6. If you think of good things of someone, tell them the good things!

7. Hug someone… with meaning!

8. If you’re sad/angry/frustrated, just start listen to a song that really makes you feel good and happy.

9. Listen to some soothing music once in a blue moon, you will be inspired and calm.

10. Make time to DO things that DO make you happy.

Beauty from within

You can look beautiful on the outside but if your mind and body is in a tangle, you need to relax and de-tangle it. That is the only way you are truly beautiful and creating happiness to those around you. That is true beauty.

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