15 Great Beauty Tips from Experienced Brides

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Loaded with awesome tips from brides that wish they knew about these when they got married!

(Above) Me doing makeup on Diana on her wedding day.
15 Great Beauty Tips from Experienced Brides

1. I love the tip on ‘don’t be rushed to take off your veil!’ It’s true, people wouldn’t normally think that the veil would create such a romantic feel for the pictures.

2. Shaping the brows is also a definitely must do before your wedding day. Your brows frame your face for your pictures. You can have the best makeup but if your brows aren’t done properly, it will ruin the photo. Luckily you have me as a brow expert to shape them for you during your trial and on the day of your wedding!

3. Reducing your sodium intake also drastically reduces any eye puffiness as well as hydrating and plumping up the face. Drinking lots and lots of water flushes any toxicity out of your body and you will have a brighter, healthier appearance in the skin and body.

4. As your bridal makeup expert, I will take care of all your makeup essentials such as double layering any makeup (applying in a base and powder to set so the makeup has double the effectiveness), waterproof mascara, and everything else! If you don’t have access to a makeup pro in your area or are doing this yourself however, keep these tips in mind!

5. Leave your hair unwashed for the natural hair grease is also a great tip if you’re going for an up-do. It will definitely help with the staying power and fly-away hair strands! If you’re leaving your hair down, leaving it slightly greasy can also help the style stay longer too.

Hope these quick tips help prep you or your friends for your wedding day!


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  1. Odra Pearl Tibayan
    | Reply

    Hi Olivia,

    You’re highly recommended to me by Collete.
    I’m getting married on May 21st of this year and I’m looking for a hair and make up artist to help me on my most special day. I would my hair updo in the morning for the church ceremony and hair down (curls) for the reception.

    Van you please send me your pricing for weddings?


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