A Bride’s Options to Keep Makeup Fresh

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Makeup Touch-Up Tips

What you should know!

After you have had your makeup applied initially, a touch-up is required throughout the day. Even if you have normal skin, nothing lasts perfectly forever.
Don’t be fooled! those that say they do, are selling you a dream.

Your skin secretes oil to keep it hydrated or your skin may become more dehydrated, so certain steps will be required to do to keep it fresh throughout the day.

Here’s a list of from ideal choices to last resort options to have your makeup touched up throughout the day………

1. Really try to budget in your makeup artist to come with you to touch-up throughout the day. Try to work out a deal that will be worth your artist’s time to come and keep you looking fresh. That way you don’t have to worry about checking yourself every so often to make sure your lipstick hasn’t faded, your blush, or if you are shining. This is the professional’s job even at photoshoots to keep every frame looking great for the photographer. Even if you have an amazing photographer, if your makeup is too shiny, or faded, there is nothing the photographer can do can make it look natural. It would be next to impossible to make it look natural in photoshop as well! A good artist will know exactly where to touch up and keep it looking perfect like it was just applied.

2. If you really can’t budget in an artist for a whole day, get him/her to come back at a certain time, such as the evening to adjust the makeup for bright flashes to avoid you looking ghostly in photos.

3. If the above two options are not a choice, try to purchase the pressed powder, lipstick and possibly the blush. Make note the same shade for you to place in the groom’s pocket or a trusted bridesmaid for you to touch-up with. It won’t be a great job on touch-up but it’s better than having no-touch up at all!! At this point, check if it may be more cost effective to hire the artist for a touch-up, depending on their rate.

4. If you cannot purchase the full prices of the product, try to see if you can purchase a section of the lipstick or blush (if its a cream) from the artist and a loose powder as a last resort. You don’t want to leave moments where you don’t look camera ready in front of the camera. This really is better than no touch-ups in the evening!

Note: If there is no artist present and you are doing your own makeup, keep your products in the groom’s pocket (if possible) where you will be with him most of the day so it would be easy to check yourself in a mirror to see if you require touch-ups. Try and do this when you’re on break and a camera is not near you to avoid being caught on camera touching up! Lastly, check yourself again in the mirror after your touch-up, you don’t want to see loose powder settled in random areas of your face!

Hopefully with these options you should be able to keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day!

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