A Lesson On Embracing Femininity

Olivia Ha Carnival Makeup Artistry
Olivia Ha doing makeup for Carnival Nation, similar to drag makeup style.

There is something fascinating to me about drag queens. I believe drag queens have a secret to expressing inner beauty: channeling femininity and goddess within.

I have explored the many faces of inner beauty over the past year. One thing I have realized is that many women like myself are chronically afraid of self-expression. We are told by the media to let it all hang out, but when we do, we are shamed for doing so. When we choose to be reserved, we are frequently considered boring and not beautiful enough.

I think there are many shades of inner beauty that women can tap into and be proud of: our angelic sides, our compassionate sides, sides of us hidden from the surface, both sweet and sometimes sassy, vicious and ferocious! We are all of these things!

I believe each and every woman has a unique and diverse combination of these shades of feminine inner beauty. I feel that beneath the surface of every woman, there is a part of the universal feminine persona and a mindset that we females all share together. Many of these shades of beauty hidden within us are born from strong necessary roles in society women play. We can have a caretaker position like being a mother or even a teacher for young children to be nurtured and raised with grace. We can help keep order by being in law enforcement or politics. We can even fill the role of CEOs at the top of corporations showing the world that there is nothing girls cannot achieve.

Woman can really do everything a man can do, not better then men, but done differently and with a different feel that men cannot so easily tap into like a female naturally can: the emotional and intuitive aspect of life is women’s specialty at home and at work. They give our personalities a rich quality that sometimes is all too often overlooked because of standards of professionalism that have been designed for the mindset of men. So where does femininity fit in a world designed for the masculine mindset? If woman can adapt to the professional world built by the masculine universal persona, then I do not see why men cannot achieve the opposite. As a matter of fact, if that were possible, it would prove that men and woman are clearly two sides of the same coin with the potential to be anywhere in between.

A key example of the crossover between the masculine and feminine beauty inside and out can be seen in drag queens as well as drag makeup. As unconventional as it sounds, I truly believe women can learn a lot from the culture and pride in the drag queen community. These men can show you how to be fierce and sassy as you want to be, how to be naturally proud doing what you desire, and how to channel your inner feminine beauty; these attributes are all characteristics of the universal feminine persona all around the globe within all of us. The theme of self-expression and liberation is prominent in the drag community, and this is exactly what privileges are fought for when it comes to women’s rights.

In drag shows, there are very elaborate makeup styles and striking contours that are used on the face to give the feminine impression. These men wear it with pride and poise manner, channeling their inner goddess to the stage to entertain and be all that they want to be.There is also a sense of humor in the shows they put on as well, usually with the intention of comic relief. LGBT communities all around the world have seen many ups and downs, struggles even with their own governments. Men and woman just like just like us, just trying to express who they are and feel accepted. So it takes obvious courage to do what a drag queen does. It shows diversity in what we consider masculine and feminine beauty. It helps us challenge what we believe about social standards and stretch the definition of what inner beauty means to every single one of us, man or woman.

There is so much charisma in the beauty styles in drag makeup. There is something very majestic about it to me. It inspires me to challenge my definition of inner beauty in myself and what I teach others. Drag makeup is a good example of what it means to express freedom and creativity, and also how to embody it. Being in drag also means to be vulnerable because of common public distaste for it. Drag style has a raw beauty and represents the reality of how important it is for all women, men included, to be free to express and embrace their inner feminine beauty. It is a privilege to be who we are, authentic to everything we have been through.

I hope you are able to embody your own feminine inner beauty today! When the world gets down on you, don’t give up. Just know that we all share your struggle to express your feminine characteristics and you should be proud of them no matter who you are. Take care of yourself and never forget to makeup your soul!

Warmest wishes,

Inner Beauty Guru
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  1. Milan
    | Reply

    I share similar feelings on the subject of drag! You mention the inner feminine beauty of men, and I think that’s really a good point.

    • Olivia
      | Reply

      Hi Milan! I’m so glad you feel the same way, I find the beauty within them so unique, it reflects what we value about femininity of ourselves 🙂

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