A Lesson On The Importance Of Friends

Olivia Ha Makeup Artist Ladylyn Gool Hair Stylist
Me and my friend hair stylist Ladylyn Gool.

There are many burdens and struggles we face as when we become adults and enter the real world. It’s no longer about what clothes you’re gonna wear to impress your school friends or if you’ll get that A+ you always wanted in Science class.

Being an adult is like a whole new world compared to high school and college life. When you become an adult, life becomes about survival and you can either accept that or stall until you can’t procrastinate about it anymore. Money becomes the new center-point of life and longevity. Family becomes the stepping-stone to bigger and greater things if you still have them in your life.

Having and making good friends as an adult becomes a very narrow possibility the older you get and the stresses of life begin to take their hold. I myself personally get stressed out frequently between emails, phone calls, social media, family occasions and surviving in the city of Toronto. But when I open up with my friends I have kept over the years, I feel the weight lift from my shoulders as they help me gather my strength to carry on through my life. Though life can sometimes be a very heavy burden and difficult to survive through, if you desire to make good connections with people who can be considered a friend, it makes all the difference in your life.

The thing I love most about good friends is that they always are there when it counts; they always keep it real with you by advising you on the things you can’t see when you are blinded by stress or fear of the unknown. I tend to get overwhelmed easily by the stresses of life, but thank goodness I have friends around who can see the things I cannot. At times I fill my plate too high, so high that I cannot see beyond all the responsibilities I stack against myself. And when my friends see me like that, they don’t hesitate to pull me to the side and show me what they see, that I can unload all that and take it easy once in a while. A friend would never let you make mistakes that aren’t necessary to make. If your friend sees potential danger or complication in your life goals, they will show you the way they see things to broaden your perspective, giving you a wider scope of any dilemma you might encounter.

Olivia Ha Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Bride Cindy
Me and recent bride Cindy; we are old acquaintances.

Having good friends reminds me that as hard as I work to survive, I also need to take out time for myself or all that effort would have had no benefit to me. I tend to overbook myself with bridal work and forget to factor in essential things like sleep, food and even my weekly Qigong & Yoga retreats. I get so flustered that before I realize it, I look at my calendar and I have no time left for myself or friends.

We all struggle in understanding the importance of friendship in our lives. Making adult decisions are always a tug-o-war between necessity and responsibility. But it is each and every one of our singular responsibilities to make time to keep friendships close and give back to ourselves at the same time.

We each have the power fill our lives with hope. Having good people around us is important to our core happiness, having friendships remind us that it is important to be a good friend to ourselves. Take care of yourself, guide yourself, advise yourself and care about yourself just like you would a good friend: that is the importance of friendship!

I hope I inspired you to be good to yourself today! Be open to meeting new people and know that you are not alone in the struggles we all face. We are all connected and you just have to feel it to know this is true. Take care of yourself and never forget to Makeup Your Soul!

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