A Reminder Note for Brides!

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This note is written to every bride out there! If you are an artist doing weddings, remember to tell this to your brides. They will be caught up often in stress over who to put in what table, what flowers, what colors, and many other crazy details! I hope this is a good reminder to weddings because I love the festive love and happiness in the air. Everyone is here to celebrate and be happy so just be!


Everyone is coming to celebrate you!

All your loved ones
All your friends

They are here for you!

You are the centre of the party and everything will always turn out fine in the end.

Forget the stress and worries of everything else.

Focus in on your happiness,
because this is one of those most special moments in your life!

So remember, last but not least..
Look forward to seeing everyone with the new love of your life.

Smile because everything is going to be wonderful
Enjoy your day


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