Beauty expert Olivia ha has been beautifying the world, one makeover, and one woman at a time. She hopes that each and every woman sees and feels their potential and inner beauty.

“I help women fall in love with themselves so that they can remember how beautiful they are for the rest of their lives – no matter what the world challenges her with.”

For over 12 years Olivia has preferred to work with everyday women in every age, skin type, skin issue, and skin tone to help them realize how to maximize their own unique beauty. By seeing their own beauty in the mirror and experiencing it, the makeover expresses how beautiful they truly are. This has attracted many women of every walk of life, from women facing adversity, health issues, to doctors, pharmacists, estheticians and even entrepreneurs like Olivia herself.

Every year many brides seek Olivia’s help for their wedding day, having resulted in the bridal community to be the artist of a glowing natural skin finish and a timeless elegant makeup. She doesn’t want brides to just look amazing on their wedding day but to really feel it as well. You can see her bridal beauty work in issues of Wedluxe Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Weddingbells, industry’s Contessa Final Awards, ABA, and many more publications.

kim vo celebrity hairstylist
Kim Vo, celebrity hairstylist of Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, Khloe Kardashian and many more… presenting me my makeup artistry award at the ABA awards!

Olivia is also known to be the artist beauty pageants go to, as she was the head makeup artist for Miss Asia Toronto 2008 and the personal makeup artist for Miss Asia 2008 1st runner up, Miss Universe Canada 2010, Miss World 2009, Beauties of Asia 2012 and many more.

Seeking challenges and growth every year, Olivia has challenged herself to compete in industry standards for professional judges to critique her work in makeup competitions. So far, Olivia has taken home 2 winning trophies and plans to continue to compete every year. She always seeks to better herself in every way, even on an artisan, professional level.

Even reaching out to women in need, Olivia monthly volunteers to Look Good Feel Better. A complimentary program for women facing cancer, this is available to women at their local hospital. Teaching workshops on how they can take care of themselves in a hygienic way and giving the women the confidence to overcome any type of struggle.

Olivia’s belief in inner beauty doesn’t stop only there for women, Olivia has also been helping men reach their own self-confidence, with hairstyling and grooming. Reaching out even to the LGBTQ Community, Olivia is no stranger to same sex couples or trans couples believing we are all united by soul, not gender.

Olivia truly believes in empowering people because she’s seen how far her own personal growth has been through her efforts. Each year Olivia helps teach and show how to be beautiful being exactly who you are: self-confident and having fun being you!

Known to be compassionate, warm and considerate with a fiery passion in overcoming any challenge, Olivia will inspire you and prove to you that you can be absolutely beautiful as you are.