Alessandro Nail Calcium Strengthener Review

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This is my secret when it comes to having strong, thicker and beautiful nails!

I buy it at Donato’s for $25.50 and this little green nail polish jar pretty much sums up the Holy grail of nail strengtheners. I’ve tried organic lines, OPI, and pretty much a lot of nail salon brands and it just doesn’t sum up for how awesome this is.

Plain and simple, it just works!

I apply it to a clean, dry nail bed and just 1 coat is enough. You can tell results in 3 days and sometimes just one.

Warning, it does contain formaldehyde but I don’t see any negative effects with this nail polish. Just cover the cuticle with an oily substance before applying and you should be fine.

Let me know if you decided to try this product and if it works for you 😉

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