How to get Makeup and Hair of Beauty Queen Jodi Jahnke!

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On May 27, 2012, Beauties of Asia Pageant was on for 2012!

I had the pleasure of being requested to do the makeup and hair for Jodi Jahnke, who turned out to be the winner of this year’s pageant!

Beauties of Asia Makeup Artist Toronto

jodi jahnke side view

Beauties of Asia Winner 2012

beauties of asia 2012



I kept her beautiful skin still luminating from within with kett airbrush hydro O3, and O5 in the olive tones
Then I used makeup forever’s aqua cream beige gold as a base to add highlight, then added on Urban Decay’s NAKED palette in gold and the dark gold.

Near the eyes, I lined it with Art Deco’s eyeliner and ontop I added yaby’s pearl paint a dark emerald green shade to have her brown eyes stand out, as well as compliment with the red empress chinese dress.
I also lined the bottom of the eye with this green.

Because this was going to be on stage, I added natural human hair lashes so that it would add the sparkle in her eyes.

Coated it with Kiss Me Black Mascara! Waterproof and smudge free 🙂

The blush I mixed a nude pink with a light coral colour for a very beautiful blush color. I needed her cheeks and glow to stand out even in bright lights on stage. I used Kett’s Angel + Love mixed together, focused on the apples of her cheeks.

The lipstick color I used Graftobian’s lipsticks, in Autumn Rust, Red, and Runway. (I know, I mix a lot so it’s not the greatest unless you want to pick up all the shades!)


Large 1 1/2 Barrel curling iron
Sprayed with Tresemme’s curling hold spray
Sebastian Shaper Plus lightly sprayed on the curls to minimize frizz and hold shape.

I teased the top of the crown, and also added a beautiful multi-swirl shape in the back of the hair.
Forgot to take pictures of the back however!

But using bobby pins, with pin curl patterns I built ontop to have a multi-swirl shape.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-tutorial 🙂

OH! By the way, Jodi isn’t just a pretty face, she’s an amazing talented, down to earth gal!

If you want to get a glimpse of how beautiful Jodi sings, check out these links:

Jodi Jahnke – I dreamed a dream (Glee version)

Jodi Jahnke – I see the Light (Tangled)

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