Belly Fat 101

Stubborn belly fat that seems to never go away even on how much you eat, exercise? If you understand why it’s there in the first place it makes things easier.

Our genes tell our bodies where to store the fat but there are a few lifestyle changes you can do at home and at the gym that can help change where it’s stored.

Target 1 : Abdominal Fat

Also known as visceral fat, indication of hormonal disturbance.

When you’re stressed, cortisol naturally increases and lowers insulin. It causes the body to want sugar in order to replace insulin levels, then you want to eat carbohydrates. It’s a ripple effect that makes you want to eat sugar, starch every time you experience stress.


Aerobic work
It has been proven to increase cortisol so skip the elliptical and focus on interval and circuit training.
Ex: Sprinting and high intensity work outs.


Daily fish oil supplements do help stabilize the cortisol/insulin balance. Make sure your brand supplies over 150 milligrams of EPA and DHA for every 2 softgels. More about EPA and DHA
A recommendation is one with a lunch and one with dinner. At the end of the day you will sleep your stress away.

Target 2: Love Handles

As known as the suprailiac part of the body. If it’s clearly defined you are probably suffering from insulin resistance. Carrying extra weight on your sides is a sign that your insulin levels are too high and your glucose metabolism may be impaired. Either your body is reactive to sugar or you’re eating too much of it.

Love handles are a way of showing you’re at an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.


Strength training will increase the number and size of insulin receptors in your body.


To help stabilize yourself, limit your sugar intake and increase your protein. An ISO-Whey can help keep your carbohydrates in check. Increase your fibre intake as well.

Take love handles seriously as they’re not just there to squeeze.

Other Helpful Methods


1. Limited sugar

This helps you lose the stubborn belly fat.

It is the single most critical ingredient to keep control over the inches off the waist. To lose body weight you just need to burn more calories than taking in while maintaining a daily calorie deficit but we’re talking about the gut here.

By cutting out sugar you decrease the calories you eat because Calories come with sugar. Remember, fruits have sugar in it as well.

Limit your sugar intake to no more than 30g per day. If you want more of a challenge afterwards, limit it to 20g.

You will see the difference you make by your commitments just by reading labels and following your goal.

2. Foods to Limit

No bread, alcohol, carbonated drinks (and diet ones), no fried foods, limit sugary drinks even juice, and keep your coffee black.

Substitute anything you can for water, even milk for anyone determined to lose belly fat.


If you approach your diet with the same determination as your intense exercise routines you will start to melt it all away!
Keep your mind on your goal when you are tempted to otherwise. Think about how great you’ll feel with your new achievement and you look good and feel good 😉

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