How To Find the Best Bridal Makeup Artist

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Olivia Ha Bridal Makeup Artist Toronto
Olivia Ha Bridal Makeup Artist Toronto


What makes an artist amazing for you on your wedding day?

A lot of my friends and brides ask this of me when I’m unavailable for weddings so I hope to share this great article on what to look for as well as put in my personal tips to help you look for the perfect, best bridal makeup artists!

Here are my top tips on how to find the best bridal makeup artists:

1. Look for pictures of actual brides in their portfolio. Are these styles wearable and suited to your style?
Would you like to have the same makeup on yourself? Can you see yourself in those photos?

2. Look at their eyebrows in the portfolios. It is THE most important factor when looking at a face. It is the only horizontal structure on a face that frames it and expresses your emotions. Drawing it in an awkward shape or a shape that doesn’t match you … no matter how well the makeup is done everywhere else, it will look like something is off in your photos that you can’t pinpoint!

3. Look at their products in their kit, ask the artist if it’s not listed. MANY products contain not photo friendly ingredients and will reflect or show up very oddly in camera. It can look amazing in person but once a camera reads it, it will either look too white, too dark or not true to the skintone. Artists that stock up just on one brand could mean disaster – either they got the product as free gratis or they haven’t tried many other brands to tell which works best for you!

4. Does this artist’s personality put you at ease? Is he/she caring about YOU as a person and does he/she genuinely open to your feelings and concerns? That is so important! Believe it or not as an artist often many do this profession just for ‘fun’ or for ‘extra cash’ and forget about how the bride dreams about looking their most beautiful on their wedding day. When you ask a question, can he/she answer you or at least try to fully answer your concerns? At the end, are you 110% in love with your makeup and certain he/she will take care of everything for you? At the end do you feel like it’s darn close to the best bridal makeup?

5. Does this artist have a good understanding and knowledge of photography, lighting, and how makeup and hair will show up in certain light? Diffused light vs hard light, the makeup will appear differently at certain times of the day and at different light. Is this artist capable of creating a look for you that will last throughout the day without having you look washed out or too dramatic? A few photos can be touched up on small things but captured moments in video won’t get a second chance! Most photographers don’t have time to touch up all the photos for you, it’s extremely time consuming to make every photo touched up.

6. Is this artist available for your start time? On some very early weddings (even at 4am!), make sure he/she is willing to service you even if it’s an additional fee.

7. At the trial, does this artist do a full makeup application or full hair styling for you so you get a sense and feel of everything before the wedding date? Partial makeup trials could leave some uncertainty and possibly a surprise for you on the day of your wedding!

8. Available for on-location services. It is a lot of hassle for the bride to leave her home with a large group of people to another place AND THEN travel back to put on your outfits AND THEN leave again! It is mostly ineffective in terms of timing, if he/she is available for an on-location service, even if it is an additional fee, it works out better for the bride in almost all cases!

In conclusion there’s a lot of factors to consider for the best bridal makeup but it is crucial you take these tips to consider. The best cannot be without these.

Please post a comment here if you wish for more help on how I can help you find tips.

Thanks for reading again! Hope this article helped you or a friend.

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