My Self-Reflection On Makeup Your Soul

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it may seem. When I started my Beauty Business in this industry, I wanted to really capture the essence of being an independent woman. I wanted to be able to generate enough wealth to allow me the privilege of pursuing my own goals instead of aiding someone else in pursuing theirs.I’ve always had a strong personality and I wanted this to come through with my worth ethics. The best part about being … Read More

A Lesson On Gratitude

This holiday season has been very busy with work and preparation for my 2016 plans to expand my business to a more spiritual and emotional concept I call Makeup Your Soul! I’m very excited about it and I will debut it sometime this coming Spring! I’ve been so stressed out this holiday season because it felt like 2016 arrived too quickly this year. I wanted to do so much more with my time and accomplish many things on my bucket-list … Read More

A Lesson On Being Courageous

This passed month, something happened in the heart of Ottawa, Canada that stunned the entire world: Justin Trudeau, newly elected liberal Prime Minister of Canada, assigned the most diverse group of politicians to his cabinet in the history of our world! Our cabinet has an equal number of men and women and is made of people who come from different ethnic backgrounds as well. We made history fellow Canadians and we should be very proud of our country and its … Read More

A Lesson On Embracing Femininity

There is something fascinating to me about drag queens. I believe drag queens have a secret to expressing inner beauty: channeling femininity and goddess within. I have explored the many faces of inner beauty over the past year. One thing I have realized is that many women like myself are chronically afraid of self-expression. We are told by the media to let it all hang out, but when we do, we are shamed for doing so. When we choose to … Read More

A Lesson On The Importance Of Friends

There are many burdens and struggles we face as when we become adults and enter the real world. It’s no longer about what clothes you’re gonna wear to impress your school friends or if you’ll get that A+ you always wanted in Science class. Being an adult is like a whole new world compared to high school and college life. When you become an adult, life becomes about survival and you can either accept that or stall until you can’t … Read More

My Experience As A Debut YouTube Vlogger

Hey everybody! What a busy summer it’s been for me! Even though my schedule has been overflowing with beauty requests, I still have found time over the past two months to create new content in collaboration with my videographer for my new YouTube Channel. At first I was very hesitant to start a YouTube channel because I didn’t know how it would feel to have people peer into a window showing my personal thoughts and experiences. My first thought was: … Read More

A Lesson In Vulnerability And Authenticity

It’s been a long busy Summer in the beauty industry. I enjoy taking out some time to do some collaboration work with younger artists and also teach the up and coming stars as well. I’ve been called “Sensei” by a few of my apprentice artists and friends on more than one occasion actually. To be honest, I’ve been incredibly honoured to be called as such. Sensei is a Japanese word for “teacher” or guide, mentor. It’s a very honorable title … Read More

Olivia Ha Makeover Contest 2015 Winner Diana: The Personal Before & After Experience

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Once in a while, I really love doing contests for former clients and prospective ladies that may not have it in their budget, or time to have a makeover. This video captures a very beautiful day when Diana (the beauty in this video) and my videographer Jonathan Arnold were able to make time to put this collaboration together. I appreciate the both of them so greatly! Here’s what’s in the video: Olivia: Hey guys! Do you guys ever feel like you don’t have time … Read More

Toronto Life Featured Bridal Makeup and Hair

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I happily stumbled upon a featured work of mine in Toronto Life today! It was for a beautiful bride by the name of Sarah and I remember it like it was yesterday. Sarah was such a happy, go-lucky girl that wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted. It wasn’t her first time ever getting makeup done professionally so she knew what she wanted to look and feel like on her wedding day. “Natural but not too natural!” she said. As a makeup artist I … Read More

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