How Would You Makeup This Beautiful Asian Face? Featured in Toronto Weddingbells

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If you saw her face, how would you imagine to do her makeup? I had the wonderful pleasure of doing the beautiful bride’s makeup, Josey for this wedding! I wanted to write my makeup inspiration of why I chose to makeup her this way for the wedding! See the Weddingbells Feature here. Skin: For those wondering, I used Kett Airbrushing on her skin here, as well as the blush, contour and highlight. I slightly contoured her nose, cheeks, and all around so … Read More

Donating Cosmetics to a Women’s Shelter in Mississauga / Toronto

Hello everybody! So after my action packed weekend at the ABA’s, Monica Le asked if we could go together to Interim in Mississauga, a women’s shelter to drop off a donation together. I’m glad she asked because my boxes and bags were filling up of cosmetics and donations ready for such an request! When she arrived, I peered into her care and realized Monica’s trunk was full of stuff to give away! We couldn’t even fit it all in the trunk, … Read More

Personal Struggles Of A Winner in ABA Toronto’s 2015 Glamorous Evening Makeup Competition!

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This is celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo and I. He is the hairstylist of Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Nicole Sherzinger, And many more! So many people wanted to meet him at the show. I was so lucky to have him congratulate me! It was one of those total star moments! After all that hard work, it finally paid off. To be honest I was really prepared to not even place, it’s been years since I’ve done … Read More

Donating Cosmetics, Makeup, Skincare in Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga.

Update 2020: Due to COVID, unfortunately all opened, used or gently used cosmetics are not applicable to be accepted. Products must be still new in packaging to be dropped off at your local shelter or location of choice. – Here is confirmed list that will take used cosmetics: 1. Blur Makeup Room in Toronto: takes unused cosmetics to donate to local shelters and trade slightly used cosmetics with other makeup artists. 425 Queen St. West Lower Level Toronto ON … Read More

Newest Spring Editorial 2015

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“Midnight Rose” inspired Editorial in the new Spring Issue of Remark Magazine! I had such an amazing time with this team, everyone was so helpful and collaborative to make this such an effortless, beautiful story. Thanks to Corina who hosted the whole shoot for us and allowed us to use her space. She brought us snacks and kept us fed the entire shoot! She was such an amazing photographer, taking all the best shots in the best frames. We worked through … Read More

7 Essential Tips When Searching For Wedding Vendors

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The First Question You Should Always Ask Yourself When Looking For Wedding Vendors: – What do you envision for your wedding and why? (ex. elaborate wedding, entertainment, cozy venue, color scemes) I will tell you a story of a recent wedding I had serviced this week: Last month a bride called me asking if I was available for her wedding this month. I happily told her I was, then she told me that she loved my website and the pictures really … Read More

Coconut Oil having incredible healing benefits and household uses!

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There are so many benefits & over 1000 uses for coconut oil! Personal story with coconut oil: About 5 years ago, I remember I went to a high-end department store where I purchased the “top of the line” skincare set, and I was incredibly excited after spending $350 on the entire set. I imagined smooth, golden, beautiful clear, youthful and supple skin. Basically perfectly healthy skin. I was so disappointed because upon trying the set at home (No they don’t … Read More

This Is What I Said To A Lady With Teal Eyes

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Very recently I met with a lady that looked like she’s been through so much emotional stress that affects her physical, where she looked at me with watery eyes and asked: “Do you think I should change my eye color?” I asked: “Why? They’re so gorgeous!” Her: “No… They’re not.” Me: “What do you mean?” Her: “I heard that my eye colour is what is making my bags under my eyes even worse. That people think I do drugs or … Read More

An Inner Beauty Tip I Learned Today

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“We can never bring anything to us unless we are grateful for what we have. In fact, if somebody was completely and utterly grateful for everything, they would never have to ask for anything, because it would be given to them before they even asked. That is the power of Gratitude. May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne” From The Secret Daily Teachings What I took out of this when I read it today is that if we don’t … Read More

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