This Is What An Artist Like Me Believes In

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I love meeting new people. I feel that every person has a story to tell, with a unique look and personality to go with it. I love getting to know people that I encounter in my profession. I enjoy searching within them when we talk, pondering on how I can help them in every emotional and artistically beautiful way. Every time I meet someone for the first time, I look for the beauty deep within them and afterwards I paint it … Read More

What You Didn’t Know About Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup

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1. Airbrush makeup applied properly is ‘invisible’ through a camera and on digital/print view. Reason being that airbrush makeup is sprayed in hundreds of ‘dots’. Similarly, a camera picks up light and displays it in pixels on your computer screen or the LCD screen. Pixels are tiny, tiny dots as well. Airbrush makeup is applied the same way a camera reads what is infront of it, which is tiny dots of color, which is why it is extremely easy to … Read More

Beautiful Asian Makeup on Bride Yen!

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Yen was sweet enough to update me on a few of the photos that took place this February. She is such a beautiful person and I tried my best to highlight these beautiful features of her on an Asian face (which can be hard to find for some!) Yen and Ryan really touched my heart and I teared when I saw her walking down the stairs when Ryan was singing his heart out to her on one knee! Ryan is … Read More

How To Find the Best Bridal Makeup Artist

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  What makes an artist amazing for you on your wedding day? A lot of my friends and brides ask this of me when I’m unavailable for weddings so I hope to share this great article on what to look for as well as put in my personal tips to help you look for the perfect, best bridal makeup artists!

Dior Asian Makeup w/ Andre Hebert @The Bay

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On Wednesday I went over to The Bay for their special event with Canada”s National Makeup artist Andre Hebert. It just so happened he was available the time I went in so I was lucky enough to get my makeup done by him. For a full makeover you have to purchase 2 products but hey I`ve never done a Dior review before so I figured I”d splurge by purchasing some products for my clients this summer to enjoy! Here”s me … Read More

15 Great Beauty Tips from Experienced Brides

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Loaded with awesome tips from brides that wish they knew about these when they got married! (Above) Me doing makeup on Diana on her wedding day.15 Great Beauty Tips from Experienced Brides 1. I love the tip on ‘don’t be rushed to take off your veil!’ It’s true, people wouldn’t normally think that the veil would create such a romantic feel for the pictures. 2. Shaping the brows is also a definitely must do before your wedding day. Your brows … Read More

Top 5 Mistakes in Bridal Makeup

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As a bridal beauty expert, I really care about the way the bride looks like on their wedding day! That’s huge for me! Here is what I see in most bridal makeup mishaps! 1. Not taking care of the eyebrows: Often times the eyebrows aren’t groomed properly and it results in having the makeup really distorted. Even if the makeup is flawless everywhere else! The eyebrows can be mismatched in colour, and even too dark or too light. 2. The … Read More

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