97% of Women Are Cruel to Their Bodies Today

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 97% of Women Will Be Cruel to Their Bodies  Can you believe this? I don’t wish to say, but as a makeup artist that are with women constantly… I almost find it to be not surprising. It breaks my heart to see it or hear it! It is why I make it a personal goal to really turn that around to a positive result; with every woman I encounter and to reach as much people around the world with this … Read More

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque Review

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A beautiful product for your hair through the dry, brittle winter! With the drying winter and harsh wind, your hair would be taking a beating in the blistering cold! I have tried this product to smooth away any frizz and dryness for you all and all I have to say is that it’s worth the splurge! Hurry because at Donato’s today (Dec 26 2010) it’s 25% off! VERSATILITY AND EASE OF USE – 5/5 Scoop out (with a spatula) onto … Read More

Tips When Finding The Right Foundation!

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Did you know 8 out of 10 women have the wrong foundation shade and color? I’m writing this article here to help you keep in mind key things in finding the right foundation, straight from a professional! You should consider first your: 1) Skintype Being the most important thing because it is your base and what keeps hold of your makeup. Is your skin more on the: i) Dry side – tight feeling skin – burning sensation – usually tingles … Read More

Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive HD Primer

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Nurturing Force® Blot Out Offensive™ VERSATILITY AND EASE OF USE – 4.7/5 Scoop out with a spatula onto a palette and with a damp sponge, apply to area. Too bad it’s not in a pump so you require a spatula if you want to keep it sanitary. Spreads very nicely and not messy. Men can use this to avoid having shiny t-zones and it will look completely natural. You can use it underneath makeup or alone! Great for makeup artists … Read More

How to do Black / Dark Skin Makeup without it turning ashy!

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For Jimay’s skin, I used: – Primarily Face Atelier’s HEAT & 0++ mixed together, more of HEAT color – I put a bit of Keromask’s YELLOW shade into the mix, just a dab. – Graftobian’s HD powder in Hidden Magic The reason being, if you don’t use yellow-red = orange based products, you will get an ash layer or a dry looking shade. Darker skintones have a yellow-red underbase and unless you use products with that underbase, you’re going to … Read More

IMATS Toronto 2010 Haul list + Events

Day 1 (saturday) 1. First booth at 8:30am in the morning, bought a lot of graftobian stuff: – oxyderm moisturizer x 4 – 5 neutralizing color concealer wheel – dermaceal balm – light neutral sample a/b set + palette 2. Makeup Forever (Oh i should of went to this booth first) at 9:15am some colors were already sold out – an additional 4 HD Foundations (120, 127, 173, 178) – 5 HD concealer set promo – empty flash case palette … Read More

Treating bumpy, uneven skin – Keratosis Pilaris

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Hi Olivia, I like your suggestions regarding skin care on your facebook. After reading your skin care tips, I thought that since you are so knowledgeable you could guide me in the right direction for my skin problems. I have a dry skin and on my arms i have small spots all on the top section. My dermatologist told me that i have keratosis pilaris problem on my skin. Do you think in your opinion any chemical peel treatment can … Read More

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