Got a pimple? Home remedies to zap it!

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So my friend kindly asked me today how I could help her get rid of her pimples that have evolved from stress. I want to share this with those who have the same problem and keep you looking beautiful! What to apply to make that zit go away! 1. Polysporin: bactericide/topical antibiotic and other topical over the counter bactericide you can purchase at your local pharmacy ARE effective in killing and reducing bacterial numbers. Make sure you read the label … Read More

History on Silicone – It’s Changed Our Cosmetics Today

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Where did Silicone come from? In the past: – Everything was matte and powdered down. – Makeup was caked on in thicker layers as there was also no photoshop, where it was never airbrushed in advertisements. – What you saw was what you got. On camera however it appeared very natural and beautiful. Here’s Grace Kelly: The technique of makeup artists back then were impeccable as there was no room for error. In TV/Film back then makeup had to be … Read More

Bride: Carmen Wai – Jan 3, 2010

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Dear Readers, On January 3rd, 2010 was a very special day for a very special lady named Carmen Wai. It was her moment and her day to shine as she celebrated her wedding with a very lucky man, Ian. This wedding reminded me why I love what I do. I felt like I had the priviledge to be able to be her best friend on this special day as I was the one closest to her. I gave my best … Read More

Creating Smudge-Proof Eyes!

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I get a lot of people asking me about eye primer: question is, is it necessary for smudge-proof eyes? From my professional experience I can tell you No. Instead I’ll fill this guide up with important prepping steps: Eyelid Prep Steps: 1. Cleanse the area 2. Wipe it dry 3. Apply prep product 4. Apply your emollient eye makeup products 5. Dust powder over eyelid 6 Apply your eyeshadow 1. Cleanse the area This is a crucial step to prepping … Read More

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