Chapped lips! What should I do!

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I’m pretty sure most of us are facing this problem right now in winter.
Question is, what should we do about it!

A friend also asked me this question and I’m here to help everyone keep their lips super smooth 🙂

Here’s some of personal solutions and some home remedies that work:

1. Get a Humidifier

Thank goodness I received one this Christmas, TRUST me it really does help.

Not only does it help keep your skin hydrated but your hair (static free at the moment!) and nails (brittle, chip free) and you can breathe easier! Super easy to set up, just fill one up with water, plug it in, and turn it on.Personal experience: I realized how powerful water aids in the human body when I went back to Asia, my skin, hair, nails, face was always beautifully hydrated. Even in pictures they were always smooth, luscious and shiny. So I found a partial solution on having it here in Canada. 🙂

2. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) + Toothbrush


– Apply a generous amount onto your lips and let it soak in

– After an hour you should feel that it’s absorbing and softening any cracking/flaked skin.

– Gently use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub in a direction where the flakes appear.

– Hold down the lip while exfoliating to avoid tugging and possibly further tearing.

3. Wear some more petroleum jelly

Especially at night before you go to bed, apply a generous amount and I guarantee soft lips the next morning.
This trick also works if you apply some petroleum base moisturizer at night on your hands and feet. If it’s a thicker kind, wear some soft comfortable cotton gloves and cotton socks to prevent it from getting everywhere and your skin will be incredibly soft.

What I’m using now is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. (

There’s petroleum jelly + white beeswax + vilvanolin that make it a difference than just plain vaseline.

What the blend does is the white beeswax coats the lips with nature’s natural oils and the vilvanolin is a lanolin + petroleum emulsifier so it’s blended to work better together.

4. Stop licking your lips.
Saliva is meant to break down food and if you constantly lick your lips, guess what it’s doing to the skin? My personal tip is to apply petroleum jelly to the lips, even if you’re used to licking your lips once you taste the Vaseline you won’t do it anymore 😉

5. Stop smoking (for the smokers out there)
Did you know the chemicals in the cigarette kills your natural oils in your lips too? Overtime not only does it constantly keep your lips dry but it can cause wrinkles too. Keep your brain preoccupied with other very interesting things. Watching movies is the easiest killer craving.

6. Drink lots of water

Gives your lips constant hydration and plumpness!

With these new remedies you should have chap-free lips to smile with.~

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