Essential steps required for preparation of Asian faces for proper & complete makeup application:

1. Smoothing out the skin by proper skin exfoliation and proper hydration

- Smooth hydrated skin is an absolute must otherwise skin will look flakey, dull and 'caked' on.

2. Proper color correcting, not covering or "masking" up the beautiful textures of the skin.

- Very LIGHT makeup application is key.

3. Proper color choice that compliments the yellow undertones on eyes, lips, blush, etc.

- Often times it's using pinks, purples, etc.

4. Proper false eyelash choice and placement.

- Very easily false lashes can look very fake on asian eyes.
- Usual lashes in the market are tailored to caucasian eye shapes and for
Asians/orientals, the eyes will look too "fake" with the lashes.
- The best lashes will be natural haired lashes and the ones manufactured
in Taiwan.

5. Lighter lip color choices, other than the exception of red.

- Depending on the colour tone of the skin, it can go a bit darker but still neutral to the relative skintone.
- There is the small exception of having a darker/sharper lip colour if she generally wears it on a daily basis.

6. Eyebrow shaping

- Ideal shape for the eye to lift the eyes, and make them appear wider and more 'open'
- Lifting the eyebrows in certain peaks, customized to the eyeshape so that they don't look 'flat' to the face

I hope these tips will inform you to help with your new bridal makeup! Please feel free to share these tips with your friends, family members that may benefit from them. I'm sure they will appreciate the thought from you!

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