Donating Cosmetics to a Women’s Shelter in Mississauga / Toronto

Olivia Ha and Monica Le Charity
Olivia Ha & Monica Le on their way to donate to charity.

Hello everybody! So after my action packed weekend at the ABA’s, Monica Le asked if we could go together to Interim in Mississauga, a women’s shelter to drop off a donation together. I’m glad she asked because my boxes and bags were filling up of cosmetics and donations ready for such an request!

When she arrived, I peered into her care and realized Monica’s trunk was full of stuff to give away! We couldn’t even fit it all in the trunk, we had to use the backseat of the car, and this is just donation #1!

We had a bag of just hair tools, blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, you name it! A box of old purses I kept since high school and college. I definitely was looking forward to getting ride of those! Ex. Kate Spade, Jeanne Lottie Bags. I am hopeful that a girl somewhere out there will find much joy in having those shiny beautiful bags.

We also had hairstyling and hair care products to donate courtesy of Monica. I arrived with 2 black bags are clothing! My mom added in her old mommy clothes too, so some mothers can benefit off of wearing them.

Honestly to all that is reading this, look around in your room and your house. Do some spring cleaning! Clear out old space that can be holding you back. When things no longer serve a purpose in your life, clean them out. Throw them out or if it’s in great condition, pass it onto someone that may make better use of it.

It’s actually good Feng Shui to clear out clutter in the space you live. Think about your laundry, how often do you wear those clothes compared to the others in your closet. My rule is if I haven’t touched it in a year, it’s probably donatable.

If your clothing is used and old, you don’t have to donate it to the women’s shelter, you can actually donate it to salvation army or any clothing donation box. Just make sure you do the research on it first.

Here I did some research already for you on all non-profit donation boxes and organizations. You can donate things like art supplies and old rides/bikes, old computers, whatever you have in the house:
Toronto Non-Profit Clothing Box Organizations
Mississauga non-profit places

Make your own adventure to donate and imagine how far that item you donated will go. You might see it in a picture one day on the happy face of someone 🙂


Happy donations! With a lot of love,

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