ELF HD Powder Vs Make Up For Ever HD Powder

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Universal Comparisons

Pros for any Silica Powder:

– Makes the skin super silky and smooth and evenly textured
– Can be used in all skintones
– Doesn’t dry out the skin
– Has no smell/fragrance
– Good for sensitive skin, other than those allergic to silica
– Oil absorbing
– Silky feeling
– Pore minimizing
– Gives it an “HD” look and finish

Cons for any Silica Powder:

– Can be inhaled as it can be extremely fine


Individual Comparisons


– $6 USD. that’s about the price of a burger!
– Has a nice slip
– Comes with a powder puff
– Soft, transparent if you use VERY sparingly
– Didn’t settle into fine lines
– Doesn’t fly around everywhere, very hard to inhale unless you deliberately do the action of inhalation


– Has to be used sparingly or it WILL turn white in photos with flash, I even demonstrated on my hand so you can see it.
– (Has more of a slip than a smooth silica finish. Some may actually prefer this)



– (Is more smooth)
– Super finely grounded, super soft and smooth on skin


– $34? $36 CAD Roughly around there.
– When you open up your jar, chances are it will puff out like smoke because it’s so finely grounded. (I’ve already inhaled this at least half a dozen times for each time I open.)
– Chances are it’s hard to control only a little of the silica powder, unless you poke tiny holes through the sifter – therfore leading to problems of you dusting it off and having it flying everywhere where models or you can inhale it again.
– Too much = white cast in flash


Photo Comparison

I put on a lot of the powder to see which would react as a white halo ontop of a bit of sheer foundation. It seems as if the MUFE shows more white than the ELF HD. Both have a tiny bit of a white halo because I put it on excessively. I wanted to try the ‘what-if’ you apply too much and show you. The HD Powder is meant to be used sparingly but the ELF HD Powder comes with a powder puff (meant for pressing down = heavier) and the MUFE HD Powder is meant to be used with a Kabuki buffer (buffing = lighter). You would have to purchase the Kabuki brush seperately as well, ELF includes the application tool. The packaging itself entitles different technique though… puff vs kabuki.

The ELF Powder is more user friendly and for the price I guess you can’t beat that. I wouldn’t want a product that requires me to put unecessary time into making it work, especially for a higher cost. At $6USD the Elf HD powder works much better for the goal of smoother skin and ontop of that, the price is also very affordable for everyone.


ELF HD Powder – Wins.
– The purpose of it serves better than the Make Up For Ever’s HD Powder. They both work the same purpose of smoothening out the skin except one flies everywhere and the other doesn’t. The MUFE is softer however so for those that don’t mind the chances of it flying around and the price, go for it!

If the ELF HD Powder was as soft as the MUFE’s and super long wearing + 99.9% impossible for people to be allergic to it I would rate it 10/10~

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  1. Liz
    | Reply

    Great review! I’ll definitely consider the ELF HD powder when I run out of MUFE~ 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle
    | Reply

    Thank you for the information. Very helpful indeed. 🙂

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