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The Orchid Power Rediscovered


I was recently contacted by Evalyn to give my opinion and review on their new product line and I agreed to do so in hopes of finding a great, holistic and natural way of achieving beautiful skin, for my followers! I asked them if they had some information in regards to this product and here is what they told me:

Evalyn promotes holistic health in skincare by combining over centuries of Chinese traditional practice and culture.

It is a 100% herbal, preservative-free solution that offers a natural way to achieve healthy-looking skin.

Some history on how Evalyn came to be:

What”s so different about Evalyn?

It does not contain any preservatives by utilizing the revolutionary use of powder instead of creams or gels with instead, Chinese traditional herbal practice.

How can that be more or just as effective than cream or liquids?

“The magical orchid and herbs” molecular properties are maintained when sun-dried and grounded, then packaged into little sachets for modern day convenience ad travel. Usage is simple by adding only a small amount of water to each packet, granting the user full control of its texture to produce either a cleanser or a thicker firming mask.” says developer Dr. Naiwen Hu.

How does the powder work?

By exfoliating impurities, rid of dead skin cells, and exposing new skin. Even for the most demanding skin, abused by daily pollutants dry winters or frequent makeup, Evalyn can work to leave skin feeling more firm and radiant. Whether it is used to reduce the appearance of blemishes or signs of aging, the precise combination of the orchid and the herbs creates a natural formula that is able to produce a facial cleansing agent effective for uses of any skin type and qi over time.

How does Evalyn promote Holistic health and beauty?

With the current emphasis on promoting more-conscious living, “Evalyn also aims to connect consumers with a greener environment by selecting only ingredients that are necessary, taking from Mother Nature only what is needed and advocating the practice of self-sustainable harvesting,” Dr Hu adds.

Wow, holistic, green, qi, effective skincare, that sounds like a lot Evalyn promises!

This overarching aim to perpetuate the age barrier reflects Evalyn”s excitement to promote the message that beauty, holistic wellness, and a balance of qi can be achieved.


So I also took the time to write out what”s in this herbal cleanser for you guys from a pamphlet sent to me:

Orchid – tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Bai Shu – purifies, improves skin texture

Angelica dahurica – brightens, restores natural glow

Ampelopsis japonica – reduces the look of dark spots and uneven tones

Poria cocos – tones skin, minimizes the look of puffiness

Super easy. I literally open the pack with an already pre-cut slit on the packets and pour aquarius horoscope : Financial dealings may feel bogged down or confused the first half of the month; use the time to review, make corrections and plan. half into my palm, get a few drops of water and mix in my palm and scoop the product with my fingers and apply it on my face in a gentle circular motion. It feels like it has mini sugar pieces that help exfoliate the face within the paste so gentle strokes is recommended. I would love to bring these when I travel because it”s not a liquid! Airports hate those… it”s super light and I don”t have to ever worry about it expiring fast.

Pretty good, it doesn”t sting my super sensitive skin and face. Only thing I would change is the sugar granules that would be uncomfortable if it were scrubbed hard or fast on the face. When it dries up it gets tight, I suppose that”s the firming factor? Can get uncomfortable, talking, eating or brushing your teeth during this time is not recommended. Great to put on in the morning while you check the morning weather, drink your hot tea and read the newspaper or even sit on the toilet. Can”t think of a better time for this! You can leave it on longer than 5min, doesn”t hurt to. In the evening I”m finishing up my paper work while it”s on before I wash up to go to bed.

My Thoughts throughout the 7 Day period:
1st day
Pretty clean and soft, not as moisturizing as the Fancl Mild Oil Cleanser I bought a week ago. Not a huge difference though. I think I notice a more of glow on my skin texture tonight. Hm, I”ll be sure when I see my skin tomorrow.
2nd day
Wow, I practically had no sleep and my skin looks noticeably plump and radiant
3rd day
Still radiant and plump with very little sleep
4th day
I started to notice a bit of firmness, like the skin looks more “plump”
5th day
Started to also notice my undereye area is visibly plumper, less bags!
6th day
Whiter, brighter face
7th day
All of the above

PRICE – 4.3/5
Factors out to be $2.41 a day if you get the trial pack or if you get the bigger box it”s $1.76 a day.
If you skip your coffee or tea, you can afford this.

You can order this online so you don”t need to go out to get it but if you need it in a pinch, you”re going to have to wait for shipping. It is Canadian based so if you live in Canada it”s probably faster.

This will last MUCH longer than most things, just keep it in a cool and dry area.

There is no added fragrance but the natural occurring fragrance of the herbs I can see will make a few uncomfortable with it. I”m used to herbal smells because I find them refreshingly natural and good but some may prefer not to have any smell. This smells like not pungent herbal foul smell but more of a woodsy base note, with a hint of a light floral aroma combined with a “dried” essence. This stays in the base to mid notes. I don”t find it repelling and my boyfriend can smell this when he hugs me and mentions it but it doesn”t repel him either. I would prefer it to have no smell as I like to add my own light temporary fragrance if I wanted to.


Can”t really think of one that sticks out other than the small things mentioned above.

Overall Score

– 8.5/10


I would, I think this is an effective holistic approach to skincare. Most natural and holistic skincare I”ve tried are only sub-par to the modernized processed and preserved skincare. I wonder if I use it longer if it would produce even better results? The only thing I would mention is only try this if you don”t mind an herbal smell and have time to leave on a mask, twice a day for 5-10min. Often I leave it on my face too long and my face smells like it afterward (it”s not a foul smell, just smells like fresh herbs – like Ginseng)

From the months of May and June 2010, there is a 35% off Sale and it includes Free Shipping! You can try it if you”re looking for a new cleanser.

Order at www.myevalyn.com

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