Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil Review

I recently purchased this cleanser from

Here is the description of the product:

Using cutting-edge nano-technology, our Mild Cleansing Oil breaks up even the most stubborn makeup to nano-size particles, makes it easy for all the dirts slide off your skin. Soft cushion oi and carefully selected plant extracts, including Rose Hip oil , Green tea catechin oil are very sensitive-skin friendly. You won’t believe how it won’t leave any icky residue on your skin.

Directions for use
Apply a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and follow with our cleansing powder or liquid.

*Free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances, mineral oil. Date of manufacture printed.

I’m so happy with this purchase so hence I must share it with you readers. Especially if you need a good everyday cleanser!

This product has won many awards in Asia:

This product is in a pump bottle so it’s easy, just pump out the product on your hands and apply it on your face gently massaging off any impurities you may have on your skin. Rinse off after a quick massage in less than 15 seconds.

Feels so smooth, feels just like an oil but it’s light, it’s not a sticky oil more of a smooth oil that leaves no residue at all!!

Allows my face to feel clean and free of any impurities. It’s so smooth after, there’s a nice sheen/glow on my skin after I wash it with this cleanser. There’s no trace of any product left behind!

PRICE – 4.3/5
I bought this for $30.10USD for 120mL and you honestly don’t need a lot. You don’t even need to press all the way down on the pump, just 1/3 of the pump to get enough for your whole face and more! It may seem expensive but a little goes a long way! I’ve been using it for a month and it doesn’t even seem that way, it’s barely gone down. The shipping is very low too, I don’t know how much it is as I purchased it amongst other products and they gave me an entire quote for everything but my entire haul cost me no more than $10USD in shipping. (You will only get your shipping quote after you purchase first online at bobodave.)

You have to purchase this online as it’s from Japan and Asia. Convenient as you don’t need to drive anywhere but if you need it in a pinch you’re out of luck! You can get this at or even or any other place that sells it.

Pretty long, even the manufacturing date is printed on the bottle.

No fragrances! = no irritation = happy skin!


Hm, nothing I can think of but if I were to improve the formula I would add treatments to the cleanser. Don’t get me wrong it does everything a cleanser needs to do but if it had special treatment ingredients for the skin in calming it, anti-aging, smoothening etc. it would be even so more appealing.

Overall Score

– 9.3/10


Absolutely!! Especially if you have dry skin, or tight feeling skin.

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