Rates are listed here: http://oliviaha.com/bridal-hair-and-makeup-toronto/

1. I am getting married soon, when should I book my trial?

Whenever you wish for! It is up to your preference.
Some brides prefer having things done way ahead of time and some would rather have a better idea closer to the wedding. Just make sure if you have already decided for a specific makeup artist, that you should deposit/reserve with her first to guarantee your date.

2. Are trials necessary for bridesmaids or mothers as well?

It isn’t necessary but yes I have serviced many mothers and bridesmaids that wish to visually see for themselves how they will look like on the special event.
Mothers especially wish to look great in front of all her family and friends they haven’t seen for a long time too, it’s almost like her wedding as well!

3. Why are your trials the same price as the wedding day?

Actually they aren’t! You are getting a tremendous value for your money out of your trial for the same amount of time you would receive on a wedding day. Trials take much longer, 1.5x more time compared to a one service request.
Ontop of that, you receive two bonus services valued at $150, given just for those that are willing to take the time out of their day to see me.
For those that wish for the extra pampering and tips ahead of time, this is definitely recommended for you.

4. What happens if I don’t like my makeup or hair after the service?

I aim to have this never happen! I will ask you before the end of the service to ensure if there is anything else I can do to adjust it perfectly to your wishes. I only ask that you share with me your feelings and thoughts.
A service is not complete until I have met and exceeded your expectations.

5. Can you come to me on my wedding day?

Absolutely, I provide mobile services and I can come to you.

6. Is it okay or an extra charge if I require you to be there very early in the morning, even say 4am?

It is of course okay, it is an important day for you and I will be honored to help you feel amazing on this day by booking any extra time off for you. There is just an early morning start fee before any request prior to 6am. (Please see my rates section)

7. Can I meet up with you to deposit and hand you the contract?

Absolutely! However it may be easier and faster for you if you have online banking with Email Money Transfer or Paypal.
As for the contract, you can scan and send it to me through email or send it via mail.
This is because I do have a busy schedule and often it is hard for me to leave a slot open to see you.

8. My skin is so sensitive! Are you products okay to use on sensitive, eczema, patchy or really dry irritated skin?

Yes and ONLY! I only use safe, irritation-free cosmetics for you.
I only opt for the best for my clients that also want the best. These products I personally use on myself too as a person with very sensitive and allergic skin.
However, if you have any specific allergies to any ingredients, please notify me ahead of time. I have alternatives to many common allergic ingredients.

9. What products and tools do you use?

My products and tools is explained in more detail on this page: http://oliviaha.com/inmykit/