Got a pimple? Home remedies to zap it!

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So my friend kindly asked me today how I could help her get rid of her pimples that have evolved from stress. I want to share this with those who have the same problem and keep you looking beautiful!

What to apply to make that zit go away!

1. Polysporin:

bactericide/topical antibiotic and other topical over the counter bactericide you can purchase at your local pharmacy ARE effective in killing and reducing bacterial numbers. Make sure you read the label if it’s compatible and follow the directions accordingly.

2. Essential oils:

Tea Tree oil.

You can purchase this at your local health food store, pharmacy, body shop has one, online etc.
Most brands are good because essential oils are so effective.
Aim for undiluted so you can control the consistency.

Any bactericide home essential oil is perfect for healing up your pimple. What I personally use to keep my skin clear.
Ex: tea tree oil, peppermint, rose, lavender etc.
dilute the essential oil because you never can apply it directly to the skin, it can irritate it. Dilution % varies between each manufacturer (except for lavender – the only one that can be applied directly)
– mix a tiny bit to your moisturizer if it’s pure essential oils, a tiny drop of both will do.

You can try topical forms of essential oil that you can get at the pharmacy as well:

Worked for almost everyone I know because of the tea tree oil properties.

Hope these two remedies work, for if in case you should stock up on these items, they’re multi-purpose so the next time you swing by your local pharmacy maybe you should pick it up – if in case!

Now you can have pimple-free, beautiful skin.

(3. If you’re still scared of it, seek a professional to extract it for you, never do this yourself! You can really worsen it or worse case cause a scar!)

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