How to do Black / Dark Skin Makeup without it turning ashy!

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black skin makeup toronto

For Jimay’s skin, I used:
– Primarily Face Atelier’s HEAT & 0++ mixed together, more of HEAT color
– I put a bit of Keromask’s YELLOW shade into the mix, just a dab.
– Graftobian’s HD powder in Hidden Magic

The reason being, if you don’t use yellow-red = orange based products, you will get an ash layer or a dry looking shade. Darker skintones have a yellow-red underbase and unless you use products with that underbase, you’re going to get ashy results.

Darker skintones also have a blue tinge so the orange really helps neutralize and counter this effect!

You would put this colour to colour correct first, and then apply your normal foundation (if still needed, ontop) Then you can set it with some light powder to prevent it from creasing.

I often do this trick to counter dark colouring on the eyelids as well, this is so it helps with true colours show up on the face (especially eyes)!

Glowy skin without the grey look


side view

Try it and let me know how it works out for you!
Post your results here ~

Hope this helps any of you with this problem on yourself or your clients.

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