Bride: Carmen Wai – Jan 3, 2010

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Dear Readers,

On January 3rd, 2010 was a very special day for a very special lady named Carmen Wai.
It was her moment and her day to shine as she celebrated her wedding with a very lucky man, Ian.

This wedding reminded me

why I love what I do.

I felt like I had the priviledge to be able to be her best friend on this special day as I was the one closest to her. I gave my best efforts for her confidence, love, support, and comfort.

We laughed that everytime she got to see me this day that it was her moment of peace and happiness. It was always quiet and comforting as she was getting pampered.

Carmen was so thrilled and so happy about her wedding where I could just see her light up in joy and excitement.  She has such a big heart just like all her best friends that arrived.  I hope to always be surrounded by these kind of people!

I was especially happy when everyone stopped in awe as Carmen turned around from the chair and everyone gasped at her, telling her she was so beautiful. – I think life should always be filled with these heartfelt moments :*)

It was a very cold, snowing heavily outside and the wind was blowing hard as we could see the trees swaying back and forth – and everyone still got up this early day to come and support her. Those are true loved family and friends. Imagine what we could do as people with love.

Carmen glanced in the mirror to take a look at herself and took the time to tell me how this is what she always dreamed of looking like on her wedding. She thanked me, looked me in the eye and told me she loved me for doing this for her. I felt so appreciated and happy I was able to recreate what Carmen had in mind from her dreams. I feel that this is one of the most rewarding things a makeup artist could ever want in weddings.  Those few seconds were really special to me.

I proceeded to tying up the dress as I could feel her thoughts: in a matter of five minutes, she would be the center of attention when everyone had their 100% full attention to her.  They were all standing at the bottom of the curved stairs  waiting to see the beautiful bride. I reassured she wouldn’t fall down the stairs or trip, as we both giggled. Soon when the games were done, a moment of silence occurred where it was her cue to come out and greet the groom and her guests.

I will never forget this moment for Carmen: It was such a beautiful moment where everyone was in awe of how graceful and beautiful she was. Her door opened as she softly moved from her door down the stairs as her father escorted her.Everyone was smiling as she gracefully moved down and then cheered and applauded at that beautiful moment when she arrived in the groom”s arms.

Sometimes life just awards us with the most simple events and it could be the so beautiful. I hope to always share moments like these with other brides.

During the tea ceremony:

I also helped do Carmen”s sister: Karen Wai. She told me how she was struggling to put something on the right skin color – I could feel that she didn”t want to disappoint Carmen and all the guests. After I completed the makeup she was so happy she ran downstairs to greet everyone.

Carmen”s best friend as well, Christy wanted to support Carmen her best too but she didn”t know how to apply her own makeup, especially on her eyes as she was faced with her challenge of makeup on asian eyes.  She told me she was so happy I could do it for her because as a photographer she couldn”t find any makeup artist she worked with to do it properly for her. That was such a compliment! Reminded me again why I loved being a makeup artist.

Later that evening:

I came back to greet Carmen and offer her moment of peace again in the bridal chamber, we only had 20minutes to touch up the bride before the doors were to open for the dinner celebration. Being a tight time situation I ran up and down the stairs grabbing whatever I needed to complete the look for her. She gave me a heart warming hug and once again thanked me for doing things I didn”t have to. I love my clients so I told her no problem =).

She gave me such a loving, sweet smile (that could melt anyone”s heart) as she waved as she was to go through the door.

For the new year I really hope to share special once in a lifetime moments with upcoming brides and be there for someone…

as a friend  : )

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