Kose Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome Review

I have been using this product for over a month now and I LOVE IT.
This product has won numerous awards across Asia which was the initial reason why I wanted to try it.

Pump dispenser that gives an accurate pump of how much you want

Absorbs instantly into the skin within 5 seconds!

Allows my face to feel soft, hydrated and plump!

PRICE – 3.7/5
I bought this for $85 on ebay for 40mL. Expensive but it’s very well worth the price tag in my opinion from what I’ve tried in other brands in the past!

You have to purchase this online as it’s from Japan and Asia. Convenient as you don’t need to drive anywhere but if you need it in a pinch you’re out of luck! You can get this at bobodave.com or even SaSa.com, ebay or any other place that sells it.

Pretty long, and you’ll love it so much you won’t have to worry about it sitting on the shelf.

No fragrance added and I don’t smell any natural fragrance.


Nothing I can think of other than the price and availability!

Overall Score

– 9.34/10


Absolutely!! Good for dry, dehydrated, combination skin types and especially in the colder months for most skin types.

The only thing I would recommend with this product is that IF you have flaking super dry skin to begin with, you need a good moisturizer as well. Currently I use Graftobian’s Oxyderm moisturizer and without it, this serum for super dry skin wouldn’t be able to keep all the hydration. It makes a huge difference with this serum but for an added barrier you need a good moisturizer.

I did an experiment where I switched creams to see if I could get the same results, and I couldn’t over a week. My skin started to feel like it would lose the moisture as the days went by. I don’t have tight feeling skin with this serum, but there would be surface flakes.

Makeup artists: Excellent to keep in your kit for the people with flaky, dry skin. Makeup doesn’t sit well and will turn very texturized if the skin is dry. If you’re going for beauty looks, well moisturized skin is a must.

Ingredients & additional info:

The following quote is from http://sassyd0ll.livejournal.com/11879.html:

Q. Should toner comes before or after using Moisture Liposome?
A. Liposome Moisturizer is the first skincare product that we should use after performing double cleansing. Inorder to ensure Moisture Liposome is able to penetrate into our skin, we must have clean pores. Even if we do not use makeup, cleansing oil is recommended so as to clean off any dirts inside our pores. Hence Moisture Liposome is to be applied before toner.

Side note, recommended to apply Moisture Liposome within 5 mins after double cleansing, to reduce the chances of getting our pores piled up with dirts and oil sebum.

Q. Which is better? Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Milk?
A.Both are almost the same, just that Cleansing Oil is more convenient than Cleansing Milk. Nakamura-san recommended cleansing milk.

Q. For toners which require swiping on the face, won’t the swiping remove the Moisture Liposome since Moisture Liposome is the first product to be used after double cleansing?
A. No, Moisture Liposome won’t be swiped off by cotton pad during toning, because it will have been absorbed by then.

Q. What if we are to mask our face? when do we apply Moisture Liposome?
A. Since Moisture Liposome is the first skincare product which we are to use after double cleansing, for mask sheets, apply Moisture Liposome before toner. For wash off masks, apply Moisture Liposome after washing off the mask.

Q. Does Moisture Liposome help in reducing dark circles?
A. Dark Circles are due to poor blood circulation whereas Moisture Liposome focues on hydration, so the effect on reducing dark circles may not be very prominent but because Moisture Liposome helps i reducing the fine lines around the eye areas, it sorts of can firm up those areas, hence may help abit in reducing dark circles, but of course, enough sleep is necessary.

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4 Responses

  1. Nook
    | Reply

    I’ve read your comment on MUA and follow your link I would like to ask some question. Now I use Paula’s choice CLEAR Extra Strength Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner (BHA 2%) in the morning and Differin Gel 0.1% at night to cure my acne if I need to use Mosture Liposome which one should apply frist.

  2. olivia
    | Reply

    According to Kose they say you should apply the liposome serum first thing even before toner. So I would say apply this product first. Hope that helps!

  3. AS
    | Reply

    Hello. I have a question.. Do I need to use both essence and cream? or only using one is enough?

    • Olivia
      | Reply

      I only used the essence, but you can try using the cream as well! Let me know how it works together!

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