Kuan Yuan Lian Green Bean Cleanser Review

An all natural, inexpensive cleanser

My Initial Thoughts
I really like it! When you first mix it with water, there is a fresh scent of freshly cut vegetables. It’s so pleasant!
Then you can leave it on as a mask, use it as an exfoliant, or just a quick rinse.
The skin is left super soft and squeaky clean without any dryness or tightness.

This product is in a plastic jar with a spoon so it’s easy, I just scoop out 1 teaspoon of the product on your hands and add a few drops of water until it becomes a pastey, mud-like texture and then apply it on the face gently massaging off any impurities you may have on your skin. You can leave on or rinse off after a quick massage.

FEELING – 4.5/5
Feels like powdery paste, careful not to scrub too hard with it especially if you have dry, sensitive skin. Otherwise, works fine!

Allows my face to feel soft, clean and free of any impurities. Squeaky clean without the dryness or tightness. It’s kinda true, I haven’t had any breakouts since I tried this product.

PRICE – 5/5
I bought this for $6.16USD for 180g and you don’t need a lot. Just a tiny spoonful that the jar comes with. The shipping is very low too.

You have to purchase this online as it’s from Japan and Asia. Convenient as you don’t need to drive anywhere but if you need it in a pinch you’re out of luck! You can get this at bobodave.com or even SaSa.com or any other place that sells it.

Pretty long, even the manufacturing date is printed on the bottle.

No fragrances! = no irritation = happy skin!


Hm, nothing I can think of but if I were to improve the formula I would add treatments to the cleanser. Don’t get me wrong it does everything a cleanser needs to do but if it had special treatment ingredients for the skin in calming it, anti-aging, smoothening etc. it would be even so more appealing.

Overall Score

– 9.3/10


Absolutely!! Good for combination skintypes and especially if you have oily/acne prone skin. I have overall dry skin and it’s still not overly drying for me.

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