Looking Fresh in Sweaty, Hot Weather

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients on how to keep their skin looking fresh with the hot humid weather so here is your cheat sheet!

1. Cleanse.
Normal/Combination skin – Use a good cleanser, preferably a deep cleansing formula in the morning where you will remove any buildup of oil/sweat accumulated
Dry skin – stick to cream/oil cleansers that still deep cleans the face
Oily skin – gel/foaming cleansers
2. Tone.
Normal/Combination witch hazel is good for suppressing oil or any other toner, especially in the t-zone.
Oily skin Witch hazel all over
Dry skin Use a softening lotion on the skin instead or just your most oily areas if any.
3. Prime your face with a good mattifier cream/lotion in your most sweaty/oily areas. These are my favorite:
– Nurturing Force, Blot Out Offensive Cream
– Eve Pearl Mattifying cream – in light/med or med/dark
– Mary Kay Mattifying Lotion
4. Coverage. Use a tinted moisturizer, or a cream foundation applied sparingly

Tinted moisturizer – Good for most skin types. Lighter and usually absorbs/keeps oils better than feeling a thick layer. Most people only really require this coverage. Some formulas still keep the skin looking glowy and healthy.
Favorite: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizers, good for normal, combination, oily
Tip: For extra ‘glow’ mix a drop of shimmer lotion into the moisturizer and apply it on dry/dehydrated skin, not recommended for oily skin.

If you have blemished skin:
– Use a tinted moisturizer and cover blemishes with concealer afterward

Cream foundation – Absorbs the oil for people that need coverage (discolorations/uneven skin/porous skin) and just looks dewy rather than separated.
Favorite: Cinema Secrets Foundation

5. Color Makeup
Blush Go for creams, or you can also layer ontop powder for it to last longer
Favorite: MAC Creme blushes
Eyeshadow Go for cream shadows + layer it with powder for extra staying powder
Favorite: MUFE cream shadows + MUFE eyeshadows
Go for lipglosses! they’re more ‘youthful’ and less formal for the summer, requires less touch-ups as well.

6. Seal
Drier skin – Liquid seal
You can spray on a layer of makeup sealer to keep your makeup in place.
My favorite is Cinema Secret’s Makeup Sealer
Oilier skin – Dry Seal
Apply powder all in areas that will move, or get oiled/shiny. (t-zone, under the eyes, on eyelids)

You can do both liquid + seal or one or the other

My personal routine is:
1. Powder Cleanser
2. witch hazel
3. Primer
4. Tinted Moisturizer
5. Cream blush
6. Waterproof mascara
7. cream liner
8. eyeshadow ontop
9. powder lids
10. spray on liquid set
11. powder t-zone
11. lipgloss

The result should be dewy, beautiful fresh looking skin. 😉

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