Olivia Ha Makeover Contest 2015 Winner Diana: The Personal Before & After Experience

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Promotion for the Makeover Contest that Diana won.

Once in a while, I really love doing contests for former clients and prospective ladies that may not have it in their budget, or time to have a makeover. This video captures a very beautiful day when Diana (the beauty in this video) and my videographer Jonathan Arnold were able to make time to put this collaboration together. I appreciate the both of them so greatly!

Here’s what’s in the video:

Olivia: Hey guys! Do you guys ever feel like you don’t have time for yourself? Especially on a daily basis, you really get zoned in on what we like to do, what’s needed of us, and what’s demanded of us. Especially if you’re a mother! Can you imagine if you were a mother, or maybe you are!

 Today I did a makeover on Diana who is a mother of two, especially a newborn child. Recently her child has been sick as well as her family on top of that, so there is a lot she’s been going through lately. So I was able to invite her in to do a makeover today and I really want to show you what was done and how she felt at the end.

Before Makeover:

Diana: “My name is Diana, I’m a mother of two young kids. I have a two year old and a seven week old. I love working with Olivia; she did my wedding makeup three years ago now and I had a really great experience. She’s a very positive person and an excellent makeup artist of course. Anybody that is watching this that has small kids knows that as a mom, you don’t really have a lot of time for yourself. So my husband was nice enough to watch my two year old today, I had the little one with me, and I thought: We’re gonna do this!”

After Makeover:

Diana: “As a mother of two young children, my every day seems pretty basic and is very rushed. If I am lucky, I can get out of the house wearing a little bit of foundation, and doing my eyebrows probably in the car before I drive out of the driveway. So for me to be able to get this makeover is really special, to have that time to myself for these three hours, sit and relax with Olivia who is such a joy to work with, such a positive and wonderful person. It really comes across in her love of what she does & the way she treats her clients: she really makes them feel special, beautiful, and confident. So I’m stepping out of this chair after that three hour process, and feeling so self-confident and happy to go home and show my husband my new look!”

Olivia: So guys, what do you think? Do you really think that sometimes spending a little bit of time on ourselves is really worth it? I really do believe so, that even just ten minutes of yoga or massaging your face in the morning with your favorite creme, or brushing your teeth happily and singing your own song can really change your day and change the outlook that you have in life!

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You can watch the full experience here:


This is more than just about providing a makeover for me, this is my attempt at reaching out to share a moment with you all to remind you to appreciate yourselves. We can do something small for ourselves, like just stretch because we feel we’re worth it. Just a self hug, or a moment to close your eyes. Share the gratitude with yourself and show that you are worth it!

How many people out there could use a makeover? I know even I can! I hope you enjoy the lovely process as you watch the video to inspire you to do something for yourself more often too like belly dancing, yoga, planting seeds, or even going for a run! 🙂

Enjoy and tag anyone here or on the video that you believe derserves a lovely makeover and why! Stay tuned on my social media for upcoming makeover contests!


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