How Would You Makeup This Beautiful Asian Face? Featured in Toronto Weddingbells

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If you saw her face, how would you imagine to do her makeup?

I had the wonderful pleasure of doing the beautiful bride’s makeup, Josey for this wedding! I wanted to write my makeup inspiration of why I chose to makeup her this way for the wedding! See the Weddingbells Feature here.

Before & After 16 B


For those wondering, I used Kett Airbrushing on her skin here, as well as the blush, contour and highlight. I slightly contoured her nose, cheeks, and all around so that her features would stand out better in photography as well as add more definition to the face.

I balanced her face’s skin tone with her body so that it matches well when she were to wear the dress that opens up in the front.
She had this beautiful tan color that could very easily turn grey and dull with foundations so I had to be very careful on how to overlay this in a natural way.


I specifically chose those lashes to suit Josey because one of her favorite features is her eyes.
She told me a cute little story how her little nieces and nephews would say “I love Josey’s big bright eyes!” So she definitely wanted it highlighted so I chose lashes that also flared out in the corners to elongate the shape more outwards on the edges, rather than just circular which focuses just a lot in the middle, center.


I also chose this deep red color for her lips because it warmed up her skintone more. Any cooler tone would make her skintone ashy and not as vivid as this warm red tone. This color made her skin look like a beautiful bronze honey glow!


vintage chinese wedding
Josey Thong & Jeffery Wong, Photography by Delmore Creative Photography

This dress is also a vintage Chinese dress. It was passed down in the family where she got this custom tailored to her. Absolutely stunning and what a treasure to have it still wear beautifully. So hard to find this type of vintage quality these days!

She was such a sweetheart to work with. She told wanted an amazing team to help her on her wedding day because she scored availability with Heike Delmore as her amazing photographer!

She wanted everything to be very intimate and meaningful at her wedding. Even all her vendors she handpicked and chose after carefully meeting with them. Even the wedding song!

Her wedding theme was also very unique, even the theme song “sailboats” was written to her husband, from the musical artist, so it was a very unique and personalized experience.

I love how all the small little details were so customized and tailored to this experience. Such an honor and a pleasure to be apart of this bride’s beautiful day.

Looking forward to making more of those small, little intimate moments just that much more meaningful!

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