Personal Struggles Of A Winner in ABA Toronto’s 2015 Glamorous Evening Makeup Competition!

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makeup winner ABA Toronto 2015
Kim Vo, Celebrity Hairstylist congratulating Me with a winning trophy in ABA Toronto’s Glamorous Evening Beauty Makeup Competition
This is celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo and I. He is the hairstylist of Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Nicole Sherzinger, And many more! So many people wanted to meet him at the show. I was so lucky to have him congratulate me! It was one of those total star moments!

After all that hard work, it finally paid off. To be honest I was really prepared to not even place, it’s been years since I’ve done any competition and I wanted to challenge myself again. To be inspired by other artists to go out there and make some achievements for myself.

It was hard to not compare myself to other artists, then at some point after stressing about so many of my own insecurities, I remembered that I have a serious passion for helping people, especially women. I want to be able to help women feel and realize their potential and to go out there and do everything they wish to achieve.

What better to prove if this theory is correct then to go out and prove to myself that what it is I’m really aiming for has purpose and meaning behind it.

This competition seriously challenged me to break across my own barriers, my own comfort zones, a lot of my fears, my secure zone of not competing and putting everything forward to possibly not even have anything to take home. I don’t know if anyone else out there realizes how stressful and nerve-racking that is. Not to mention many old faces you run across, all the people that will recognize you competing.

But I faced my own fears by myself, and I barely told anyone because I wanted to know if I could do this by myself without any support. I had to trust in myself, to listen to my inner voice, to know and realize my own potential, what I practice in teaching women when I do makeup on them. We are all capable of our own independent efforts. I truly believed in bettering and changing myself for the better when I got there that day. That if I can challenge myself to do this, I know every woman can face ‘the impossible’ to reach their full potential too!

Before & After 1 BAnd then something amazing happened that left me in awe: I actually placed among the winners of ABA Toronto 2015 Competitions this year! I can tell that the other beautiful makeup artists that won are passionate individuals as well that remind me why I love my industry that much more.

When I was called to the stage by name, Anastasia Moss (my model) held my hand and we screamed, hurriedly to the stage and when all the winners were called there, we all held hands and rejoiced together. There was no snuffing of one another, we were all overly joyed and you can see so much happiness in their faces. We all cheered each other on and congratulated one another. One of the girls were crying too, realizing that all her efforts finally paid off as well. She did amazing work on her model, so very inspiriting and it made me almost cry to see that!

Every-single-competitor is a serious winner. I have serious respect to anyone that went out there, paid a hefty fee to enter, go on stage for everyone to stare, judge you and possibly run the chance of leaving with nothing that day.

There was some very stressful moments preparing up for this competition but nothing is rewarding when it’s so easy right?! Especially the night before, making sure that everything is packed, nothing is missing, double checking – triple checking your kit! Then *Trying* to sleep afterwards not reciting everything you are to do the next day in a timed competition of only 30minutes! Yes only 30 minutes to complete a whole glamorous look in detail.

Olivia Ha ABA Award Winner Makeup Toronto
Olivia Ha & Anastasia Moss preparing for the ABA Competition.

I practiced on myself many times the look over and over to make sure that I could complete the skillful application within the time required. I met up with my beautiful model Anastasia Moss to practice my inspiration. Practice makes perfect.

My message to you: Don’t be afraid to let yourself shine, just because there will be people out there to copy and compete with you.

In the end, I realize the trophy isn’t just the trophy I’m holding, but the personal trophy of having conquered these challenges, fears, and personal struggles where I only believe in my services, my philosophy, my practice *that* much more. Especially now posting it all for the world to see here!

I only hope to help those of you out there that are also looking to experience this self-empowerment! I really hope you were inspired by my personal story and that you feel inspired that you can overcome your fears too.

You can view my full experience here:


With much love and best wishes to you,

Olivia Ha
Makeup • Hair • Beauty Specialist

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3 Responses

  1. Pamela Price
    | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you even more after reading this!
    Amazing job and continue to challenge and push yourself to do what you are truly meant to be doing!
    I hope we cross each others paths again soon.

    • Olivia Ha
      | Reply

      Me too Pamela!
      <3 I have so much respect for you Pamela. I don't think anyone else can understand what we went through more than those that competed as well! xoxoxo soooo happy for you and thank you for inspiring me. Such a pleasure and blessing to have met you and competed alongside you!
      I hope in the future we can work together, hand in hand and inspire each other to reach higher and higher together.

  2. Michelle Kwan
    | Reply

    Congrats Olivia, amazing news!! You are inspiring other women to chase their dreams – it’s wonderful! I am very happy for you 😀

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