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As a beauty specialist, my ultimate goal is to help you creatively express yourself and beautify your looks by embodying the core principle of Makeup Your Soul: beauty-awareness. Allow me to help you to see beauty in a whole new way. Hi! My name is Olivia Ha and welcome to Makeup Your Soul, a curriculum about discovering your inner beauty, learning how to be confident through self-expression and enhancing your life's experiences through beauty-awareness.

I've spent over a decade working in the beauty industry of Toronto specializing in makeup artistry. One important thing I've learned in my time as a beauty artisan is that sometimes external beauty is not always what it seems. Popular beauty in the media can at times be as superficial as the artists behind the celebrity looks you see on the big screens.These plastic personas we worship as beauty icons on social media and TV are very appealing on the surface, but can easily fool the common girl about the real worth of beauty.

I was one of those girls! I was once misled by the idea that if I try hard enough, I can achieve an iconic everlasting beauty through makeup and skincare techniques that would get me noticed by big names to bring me reputable fame and riches. This toxic dream rooted itself in me and drained my self-worth in my early years, leading me to allow toxic abusive relationships with men and woman at work and even at home. I felt pressured to become the stereotypical famous makeup star and cover-girl most people wanted me to be. I lost myself. Only when I hit rock bottom did I realize I was losing my authenticity.

I've been blessed enough to meet a couple soulful friends these past few years that helped me place my life on the right path to reclaim my self-identity. They helped me realize that I was allowing beauty and status to devour who I was deep inside and that it wasn't too late for me to turn my life around. I did some soul-searching for many months, exploring zen, yoga, and even spirituality! I learned that my personal ambitions can be remodeled into a healing process and can also fuel my business goals. I aspired to find balance and redefine what it means to be a beauty specialist. When I began to spend my time giving back to my community and making good friends, I realized that the key to being beautiful is to be a beautiful person inside.

I then changed my approach starting with select woman who sat in my chair, putting a stronger emphasis on emotions, how they felt and why they wanted to look more beautiful then they are with my expertise. I realized that most woman really just want to feel beautiful at the end of the day and that looking flawless was just an added bonus. I helped these woman overcome their emotional struggles, discussing their issues and clearing what demons hold them back from feeling as beautiful as they look. I then realized I am more then just a makeup artist, hair stylist and beauty specialist; I am an inner beauty guru!

Beauty-awareness is about becoming conscious of what makes you beautiful inside and out. Let me help you find your inner beauty and attain balance through Makeup Your Soul! We can only fill the empty spaces in the heart of our humanity with the right intentions. Seek guidance that will place you on the best path forward towards establishing healthy self-worth. You can be beautiful and I want you to know that!

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Feel The Value In Community Service!

Donating time to the my community has filled my heart with experiences I will never forget. One event that changed the way I see my purpose in life is when I donated cosmetics and supplies to a women's shelter in Mississauga by the name of Interim Place. I went on this trip with a good friend of mine and fellow colleague Monica Le; we had bags of hair tools, blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, even a box of old purses I kept since high school and college.

By taking the time to clean and organize my space, I found so many things I could donate that I no longer had a use for. I placed all my extra tools for work and feminine supplies that I don't use into boxes and bags ready for donation to women who really needed these things more than I did. Gazing upon these items made me feel grateful for the life I have; I experienced a glimpse of my ever-growing inner beauty through this humble deed. I realized right then that if I can give to others in need, I have a human responsibility to do so.

The value in preforming community service is spreading beauty-awareness through efforts of genuine compassion. Give back to your community by finding people in need and making them smile! Become selfless by donating your time to beautifying the experiences of others. Makeup Your Soul through giving the gracious gift of community service today! For more information and insight on how serving your community can help you Makeup Your Soul, click here:

Makeup Your Soul: Community Services



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