Feel The Value In Community Service!

To Makeup Your Soul means to fill in the empty spaces in your self-confidence to become aware of how beautiful you really are inside and out. Thus, giving back to yourself in such a spiritual and emotional way strengthens your beauty-awareness and with that awareness, you will start to notice other people around you in need of that same basic principle in their life.

Makeup Your Soul is for everyone! The lessons of my curriculum can be passed on to anyone who is willing to listen, learn and challenge their definition of beauty. I have been a makeup artist in the beauty industry for over a decade now and the one thing that I have noticed is that people look just as beautiful as they feel inside; I believe there is no better time to help someone feel beautiful than when they are in need.

The value in preforming community service is just that: spreading beauty-awareness through efforts of genuine compassion. Give back to your community by finding people in need and making them smile! Become selfless by donating your time to beautifying the experiences of others. Makeup Your Soul through giving the gracious gift of community service today!

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Polish Your Beautiful Soul By Giving Back To Your Community!

Support the greater cause in helping everyday women and men’s self-value, especially those that are under privileged. With more support, we can help change our own communities. It might be a grandmother, a single mother, or even an victim of abuse. It could be a teen girl that has never received the proper help and support. A boy that is misunderstood and overlooked.
We are all connected and if you ever able to, give a helping hand to those around you in need. Stay beautiful inside and out, reaffirm your inner beauty by donating your time and/or items to the people around Toronto that need it the most! Each and every effort will always be appreciated.
Join Olivia Ha In Servicing Your Community Today:
1. Ask Olivia where you can donate your excess items or supplies at charity@oliviaha.com.
2. Volunteer your time at a charity event alongside Olivia.
3. Recommend someone you know that may be interested in helping this cause.
4. Share the message of Makeup Your Soul: Community Services.
Always remember, behind every tear, smile and face is a story that can inspire your heart. I wish to put time and dedication into helping the community of my city of Toronto when I can. If you have a charity event you would like to invite me to, please do! I'm always interesting in expanding my horizons.
Linked below are some of my favorite non-profit charity organizations that I volunteer at annually and sometimes even monthly. Open your heart and visit a person in need, give your time to those who need it the most and see how rewarding selflessness can really be to your soul. When you learn how to Makeup Your Soul, the next greatest achievement is to teach someone else how to do the same. Invite your friends and family with you to donate their time to a charity event today!

Stay Happy and Humble With My Most Cherished Affirmations & Reminders!


As an Inner Beauty Guru, I believe that even just ten minutes of yoga or massaging your face in the morning with your favorite creme can significantly impact your self-confidence throughout the day. To spread my knowledge of beauty-awareness, I hosted my very first Olivia Ha Makeover Contest for 2015 for the ladies that follow me on social media that may not have the time to pamper themselves or might lack the confidence and drive to do so.

Diana is a former bridal client of mine and winner of the first ever Olivia Ha Makeover Contest. She is a wonderful Latina mother of two who experienced a personal before and after makeover with yours truly! You can see her makeover story in the video embedded above.

I'm am happy to announce that I will be hosting another makeover contest for 2016, but with a more meaningful spin to it. With the launch of Makeup Your Soul: Community Services, this years makeover contest will follow my vision of gratitude and giving back to the community!

How To Enter The Olivia Ha Makeup Your Soul Makeover Contest 2016:
1. Collect food, supplies, and/or clothing to donate to one of my favorite non-profit charity organizations listed above.
2. When you arrive to the charity organization of your choosing, take photos of you, your donation and of yourself handing the items to a staff member there with organization logo visible.
3. Tell me 3 ways Makeup Your Soul has helped you become beauty-aware.
4. Submit this information and your photos to me at charity@oliviaha.com.

I will pick a winner at random when Autumn approaches and announce it on my social media outlets. The winner must agree to be part of a mini-documentary video feature of their story and their makeover process. Thank you for being part of Makeup Your Soul!

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