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Welcome to Makeup Your soul, a curriculum about discovering your inner beauty, learning how to be confident through self-expression and enhancing your life's experiences through beauty-awareness.Greeting! My name is Olivia Ha and I am a beauty artist who has specialized in makeup, hair, and skincare for over a decade now. Within my career as a makeup artist, I have learned first hand the difference between artificial and natural beauty.

For the past 3 years, I've been a spiritual journey towards awareness. I have studied with a variety of mentors, from Yoga to Qigong teachers and even holistic monks and past life therapists. The consensus about my life's work is always the same: real beauty comes from within! I am a living example of this truth and through my experiences of becoming aware of beauty's many intricacies, I am the Inner Beauty Guru you need to help you embrace your own inner beauty!

My wish is to help beautify your body and soul through creative expression and by embodying the core principle of Makeup Your Soul: Beauty-awareness. Beauty-awareness is about becoming conscious of what makes you beautiful inside and out, through identifying first what makes you feel the opposite. Let me help you find your inner beauty and attain balance through Makeup Your Soul! You can be beautiful and I want you to know that!

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Intuitive Beauty

(Introduction / Feel / Promise of this service)

Makeup: $250*
Makeup & Hair: $400*

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Makeup / Hair: $280*

Makeup & Hair: $550

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Beauty Lessons

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Inner Beauty Makeup Lesson
$250 (up to 2 hrs)

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Makeup Lesson & Application
$375 (up to 3.5 hrs)

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Beauty Coaching

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Emotional Counseling
Skype: $50/hour
In Person: $75/hour

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Spiritual Healing
Skype: $75/hour
In Person: $100/hour

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Intuitive Makeup Lessons & Services

Part 1
- Emotional Consultation: Sitting down over some tea, incense, and fruits & nuts to express her deepest sorrows and to expose what makes her feel insecure about herself. Taking notes and evaluation as an Inner Beauty Guru of what this female is missing that leaves her feeling empty and ugly.
- Physical Consultation: Sitting the female in your chair, putting on some zen music to establish calming environment, and  then talking to her about your evaluations of her emotional stresses and insecurities. You can do this all during giving her a soothing facial, head massage, and/or shoulder massage; you can also introduce skincare techniques as well as aromatherapy in this phase of the process. You can then evaluate her body language and words in the calm and serene state finding out what pieces she's missing inside that steal away from her outer expression of beauty. You can also evaluate on what colors, textures and methods of makeup will be good to teach her how to put on.

Part 2
- Intuitive Color & Makeup Lesson: You now have the female in a more relaxed and released state of mind. You can now proceed to bring out your Emotional Color Guide that you created, showing which colors on the body and skin affect which parts of our emotions (print a color guide for the client). Then you can tell her what color combinations you will you will teach her to work with on her face and why those colors / shades are good at bring out that beauty hidden within. Makeup lesson proceeds as normal but with a focus on how to use color and a beautiful smile to get the right look. You as a Inner Beauty Guru can teach this female how to become beauty-aware through this process. You can also give her guidance as a Beauty Specialist on how to achieve a natural look and why it is not all about the craft, but more importantly about how you feel. "A happy woman is a beautiful woman".

Spiritual / Holistic Skincare & Massage Services

Emotional Healing w/ Skincare Facial + Facial Massage:
Event: 1-on-1
Task: Specialist first provides a skincare facial to client, all the while, specialist allows for client to talk about their deepest emotions and whatever is on their mind. Secondly, specialist provides facial massage accompanied by zen music to allow the client to now relax and let go of all those emotional stresses they mentioned before. Specialist can then give positive input on how client can face their emotional woes.
Purpose of event: To provide emotional healing to the client's mind and head chakra, to give them focus on their issues and massage the issues away, to ease their mind.
Plausibility: High, Inner Beauty Services (paid)

Emotional Healing w/ Hand Massage + Aromatherapy:
Event: 1-on-1
Task: Specialist provides a hand massage to client as client talks about their issues while listening to zen music. Specialist then uses specific oils and incense to create the mood of relaxation for the client.Specialist then preforms final stages of massage while client lays back and relaxes in zen state. Specialist can then give positive input on how client can face their emotional woes.
Purpose of event: To provide emotional healing to the client's soul balance through their energy channels on their hands and fingers, and through aromatherapy. To give the client peace. To massage the emotional issues out of the client  and then put the control back in their hands, so they can get a grip on life.
Plausibility: Medium, Inner Beauty Services (paid)

Emotional Counseling Services

Emotional Counseling Featuring Various MYS Lessons:
Event: Group
Task: Specialist has taken a lesson out of MYS and wrote a small E-book/PDF about it. (example: MYS Session: Lesson On Vulnerability) Specialist passes out copies of MYS Lesson outline to students and teaches 1 hour long class about the emotional issue, and then for half an hour opens the forum to discussion, questions, and sharing. After all is done, specialist emails each member who came the full E-book in return for coming to the MYS Lesson event.
Purpose of event: To get people involved in MYS learning and emotional guidance.To get people to give you their attention and time in exchange for your E-books.
Plausibility: Medium, Inner Beauty Event (donation)

Lesson: How To Makeup Your Soul. An event hosted by Inner Beauty Guru & Beauty Specialist Olivia that is a group version of an Intuitive Makeup & Skincare Lesson. Show multiple woman how they can 'Makeup' their souls by teaching them all the basics of how to choose the correct colors and textures good for their faces showcasing your handy Emotional Color Guide (print color guides for each member). This will be a way to teach people why colors work and why they don't. Example: you can be in front a dozens of woman and apply red eye shadow and then embody the emotions of strength from the root chakra so much better, showing first hand how that color empowers your strength if you're feeling uneasy at times; then switch colors to a soft shade of blue, connect it to things that are blue like the sky and also crystal clear reality and breathing and truth from the throat chakra.