Mapepe QQ Hair Curler Review

Want curls in your hair with no heat? to last all day and hold? even with no damp, wet feeling while sleeping on it?
I have found a great solution!

I got the strawberry Mapepe QQ Hair Curler from!
It was under “Highly Recommended from Taiwan” one of their top selling products in their e-store so I decided to give it a try!

It”s a sponge-y curler that looks like a yoyo, but without the string, in a shape of a cute strawberry.

Front packaging

Here are the instructions:

I rolled it in really tight curls the first time I tried it (since my hair doesn”t hold curls very long – thick Asian hair!), it came out just like the tight small curls! Of course I anticipated it to loosen as the day goes by and it does.

How to:
You roll it in just like the instructions and if you have layered hair that doesn”t wrap easily (because it usually sticks out), the spongey material sort of sticks to your hair while you wrap it

1. Section your hair about 2.5inches up from the nape of the neck area
2. Part how tight/loose you want your curls (I parted it into 4 sections, 2 in front/side, 2 in the back)
3. Grab your qq curler and place it at the tip of your hair (not just near the tip otherwise it will get tangled!)
– make hair tangle-free to avoid “frizziness”, so comb it through.
4. Roll the diameter the size of the curl you would like (Ex: the tighter the curl around, the smaller the curls you”ll get)
– keep rolling up casino online in the direction of the curl you would want it to be.
5. Tighten it by twisting the opposite ends without too much pressure and it will lock the curler in place.


I tried it with mousse in my hair and the beautiful curls lasted 2 full days before I wanted to wash it! I”m sure it would last a third day if I left it too.
Without product it probably wouldn”t of lasted this long in heat, sweat, etc. (then again nothing does)

– Your hair could get tangled in the qq curler when you take it out, generally is the case for me.
– Sleeping on it may be a discomfort for some, but it didn”t really bother me since it”s so spongy it was kinda nice having extra support under your head!
– Your hair gets messy in the morning but it doesn”t affect the curls

Price – 9.5/10
Very affordable, I saw some at an asian mall for a pack of 8 for only $10! (Pacific Mall) and online at it”s only $13.61USD without shipping for a pack of 4.
Depending where you get it, you can get it around the $10 range, even cheaper than hot rollers!!
I only took off 0.5 because I don”t know how long they will last for.


Absolutely! I love soft natural curls and this product definitely held it for me. Plus it did the job without the heat, so it beats hot rollers!

Messy in the morning, but don't worry! Doesn't affect curls
Another view of the curlers in the morning
After removing the first curler, this is how that section looks like
How it looks immediately when all the curlers are out, trust me it looks better as the day goes by!

I forgot to take a picture of the hair when I went out but I got so many compliments on it, from guys and girls! It was beautiful curls that looked so natural and romantic 🙂

If you do decide to give it a try, please let me know how it works out for you! I would love to hear feedback from my readers and it encourages me to do more reviews for you guys on what you would like to know about!

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