Top 5 Mistakes in Bridal Makeup

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Olivia Ha Professional Makeup Artist Toronto

As a bridal beauty expert, I really care about the way the bride looks like on their wedding day!
That’s huge for me!

Here is what I see in most bridal makeup mishaps!

1. Not taking care of the eyebrows:
Often times the eyebrows aren’t groomed properly and it results in having the makeup really distorted. Even if the makeup is flawless everywhere else!
The eyebrows can be mismatched in colour, and even too dark or too light.

2. The wrong colour on lips and cheeks:
Many mistakes include the colours don’t complement each other but rather contrast and fight for attention.
Most common is bright pink lips with orange cheeks!

3. The lashes too long or thick:
Stealing all the attention from the face! Especially if they are false lashes.
Having lashes too thick and long can result in a very false appearance, rather than something elegant, timeless and beautiful.

4. The lips not lined properly:
When the lips are not lined nicely, it leaves the look to be very unpolished, and casual in photos.
Make sure the symmetry is nicely drawn to match the proportion of the rest of the face.

5. Mismatched concealer:
The undereye concealers are often mismatched in colour, leaving a very grey cast under the eyes, highlighting the darkness even more! You require anything in a peachy salmon colour to correct any discolorations underneath the eye. In darker skintones, even a reddish/orange colour is required.

Stay tuned for more bridal tips!

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