MUFE Aqua Creams

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So I went to the pro store of Makeup Forever in Montreal this weekend and I tried out their Aqua creams. I figured I wouldn”t get it since I can mix “eye seal” with any eyeshadow to turn it to waterproof….

I swatched it at 1pm today and it”s almost 1am and I washed and scrubbed my hands at least 4 times now and a faded stain that could be as dark as a bruise is still there!

I”m talking about extremely waterproof!!

If you would online casinos like extremely waterproof eye makeup that will withstand hours of even underwater exposure – it”s the new MUFE Aqua Creams. period.

When I have time I promise to go and buy some for you guys. I will post pictures and more info on a part 2.

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