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Hey everybody! What a busy summer it’s been for me! Even though my schedule has been overflowing with beauty requests, I still have found time over the past two months to create new content in collaboration with my videographer for my new YouTube Channel.

At first I was very hesitant to start a YouTube channel because I didn’t know how it would feel to have people peer into a window showing my personal thoughts and experiences. My first thought was: “Would I lose my privacy?” Showing too much personal things never really appealed to me because it’s a small world out there and sometimes you never know who you can trust.

One day I was talking to a good friend of mine about my very concerns and he told me straight to my face: “Olivia, stop, you’re beautiful, inside and out, and you should show this to the world, show it the to women who need to know there is beauty in empowerment of their own unique characteristics and femininity. If you have the ability to do it, why not make a difference?” He shocked me for a second there because I never thought of it that way; I never thought I can be seen in such a way except on in a personal level I could have with a client. He had a point: so many girls and woman out there lack the resources to a good roll model, so if I can inspire just one girl, then it would be worth it! This is my first attempt to showcase the personal inspirational makeover experience I have with clients I service every now and again:


It was a very rewarding experience to service such a beautiful strong woman like Caril! Her personality was just as vibrant as her flawless features I highlighted. We had such a fun experience enhancing her beauty and talking about how she feels in her personal life compared to other women’s beauty. I tried my best to give her the physical and emotional confidence to be herself no matter what, to know if she embraces the beauty within her, that it will always show on the surface and also enhances the makeup she has on as well.

The next couple weeks afterward, in an open conversation with great friends and company, I was able to share my first few YouTube Vlogs that describe beautiful, “behind the scenes” moments with women I meet. They are women that wish for inspiration to feel beautiful exactly as they are. Each are so individual and unique to what goes on in their life! My friends then pointed out: “Olivia, that sounds familiar doesn’t it? Someone who takes the time to revitalize their own beauty.” I thought long and hard for a moment who they were referring to, then to my surprise they replied: “You! You took the time so your beauty was renewed with your hair remember? Go show women that you are just like them: a work in progress!” I was shocked by their idea because sometimes I forget what essentially makes up who I am, but they were right: we are survivors, all works in progress, and I shouldn’t be afraid to show it. So I searched deep into my hard drive for an old relic of the past: the day I cut my hair off. I know and felt that that was one of the most pivotal moments in my life and that I should showcase it so that women I attempt to inspire understand that they are not alone. Take a look:


The amount of positive feedback I got from this video was so unexpected. My friends and family were really cheering me on and celebrating my life changes into the woman I am today! I was so proud of myself when I saw my hair-changing experience again from a third person perspective. I now understood why I am so passionate to empower woman to be the most beautiful version of themselves: it’s because I personally have been doing exactly that for the past few years. I never would have thought I’d look good with short hair 10 years ago. I’ve always felt like long hair has always been the standard in the beauty industry and that I should conform to it. Short hair can be just as beautiful as long hair if you’re authentic with it! Changing it up makes me realize that I can create my own lane in the industry. I don’t need to be like everyone else to feel accepted and successful, that people do respect authenticity more then you would think they do, so don’t be afraid to take a risk!

It has been a very amazing reflective experience starting my YouTube channel in attempting to do makeup and live my life with more transparency. I’m very happy that women out there now have the chance to feel what I feel and see that they are not alone in this struggle we all have to feel beautiful. Never forget to let your inner beauty shine!

Stay tuned for my next blog post about how important great friends are, especially when they genuinely believe in you! 🙂

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