My Self-Reflection On Makeup Your Soul

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it may seem. When I started my Beauty Business in this industry, I wanted to really capture the essence of being an independent woman. I wanted to be able to generate enough wealth to allow me the privilege of pursuing my own goals instead of aiding someone else in pursuing theirs.

I’ve always had a strong personality and I wanted this to come through with my worth ethics. The best part about being an entrepreneur was the ability to create my own work schedule. It allowed me to think freely with enough space to grow naturally as the artist. Though, I admit I did empathize with my colleague’s desires to have a boss in the workplace: a leader above them who created the professional order and organization they needed.

On the contrary, I've felt like I was a leader all my life just struggling to come out of my shell. I’ve learned from the best of the best in my industry and I’ve tried my best to never see myself as above anyone else. I’ve always felt a sole purpose inside of me to aim to be seen as an equal to those I aspired to be like and never above them, but this humble perspective Olivia Ha Professional Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Torontoof mine did not stop the struggles of independent women from crashing down on me.

I wanted to do something that can directly influence women and society, something that people working a 9-5 office job had a hard time doing. Life left me with my first difficult choice: either work a 9-5 job that effectively pays the bills but might make achieving my goals near impossible or to become my goal by creating my own business dedicating my time to helping women; I chose the latter.

Choosing entrepreneurship, I knew was a journey full of holes to jump over. Besides the pros and cons of my choice, being an entrepreneur meant I needed to be fully aware of everything going on around me for now on. The hardest part of being a business owner is balancing your business and personal life. No matter what, securing the basic needs like paying rent, buying food, water and medicine, they come first before you ever have the time to think of your emotional needs and business goals.

I wake up every day to new challenges and I admit I often wonder if I am actually making the difference I once sought out to create. There is a lot of faith I invest in myself to keep me motivated to meet my basic needs and to keep my business running as a one-woman show. And I’ll also admit that I have considered caving in and selling out to work for a large corporation to make ends meet due to the stresses involved in reaching my business and personal goals, but I never gave up!

I have dedicated over 10 years in the beauty business into making a difference on a small scale, person to person so that the women that see me will be able to believe in themselves as much as I believe in myself. I knew that if I could just interact with women and offer to help them see that beauty within them, things would start to change and they certainly have for me ever since I began working on Makeup Your Soul!

All changes start from within! We can only support our inner beauty with outside aids such as makeup and other beauty services. But from what I’ve learned thus far, achieving any beautiful look that matters MYS Tip #12starts with wanting an improvement not only on your skin, but also in your life, like making the effort to start anew and trying something you’ve never thought of before.

This is why I started Makeup Your Soul: a project that is meant to help women looking for such help to feel better, look better, and to feel empowered in her life again. It’s all about allowing yourself to embrace a natural transformation into the best version of you! Imagine if you felt and looked like a million dollars, what would that look like for you? What type of confidence would you feel about yourself? What things would you want to achieve fearlessly? That’s how you should aim to feel when you decide to Makeup Your Soul; be fearless, strong, and capable of anything you put your mind to.

Always keep in mind that there will be struggles along the way for you to overcome, but never give up! Tackle your biggest fears and learn how to let go of them and I will be there along the way to share my own experiences every month throughout the year on my Makeup Your Soul Blog: The Beauty of Life’s Experiences.

I want to thank you all for reading this very deep and personal message I decided to share with you. I am very happy to announce that Makeup Your Soul is now officially launched! Inner Beauty Services are coming soon and until then you can enjoy the warm and generous atmosphere of my newest addition to the project Makeup Your Soul: Community Services. Never forget to Makeup Your Soul this new year!

Many well wishes,

Inner Beauty Guru
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