Creating Smudge-Proof Eyes!

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I get a lot of people asking me about eye primer: question is, is it necessary for smudge-proof eyes?

From my professional experience I can tell you No. Instead I’ll fill this guide up with important prepping steps:

Eyelid Prep Steps:

1. Cleanse the area
2. Wipe it dry
3. Apply prep product
4. Apply your emollient eye makeup products
5. Dust powder over eyelid
6 Apply your eyeshadow

1. Cleanse the area

This is a crucial step to prepping your lids! I must do this step before I apply anything on top.

I’ve taken study in a lot of aesthetics and dermatology and the substance on your eyelids is oily and emollient. Test it out for yourself: touch your eyelids the first thing you do when you wake up with your clean fingers. For a majority of people, it’s oily.

Tip:How to tell your skin type: When you wake up. It is the natural state of how your skin reacts over a period of time.

Why is this? It’s because the eyes naturally produce and secrete oil there to keep your eyes from becoming dry, much like how skin secretes natural oils and moisture to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Overtime it can build up and it’s different for everyone, some may have oilier lids than others.

If you don’t clean it, it can build up and then when you apply any makeup over an oily area, guess what? it’ not going to stay and it’s going to smudge, slide and not apply properly leading it to be streaky.

If you’re on the go or a makeup artist, I will share with you a tip that will keep this step light, quick and effective: Toner + cotton pads OR baby wipes!

Like I stated, crucial step.

2. Wipe it dry

You should wipe this area gently dry after you’ve cleansed your eyelids. You don’t want to leave residue of cleanser or toner on your eyelids. This is to ensure a clean application of makeup afterward.

3. Apply prep product

I really like to use an oil mattifier on the lids to minimize oil and help prevent oil buildup.
You can substitute this with an eye primer if you already have one. An oil mattifier is more versatile however where it can be applied on the forehead, chin, nose and other oilier spots.

4. Apply your emollient eye makeup products

Eyeliner, cream liner, cream eyeshadow etc. You should apply them now before you dust powder on top to set it. This is required to do before powder as the powder will set it from smearing and smudging.

5. Dust powder over the eyelid

Ever had uneven blotchy eyeshadow that won’t blend properly? This ensures a smooth finish when you apply your powder eyeshadow on your eyelids. This gives a beautiful natural look – also helps the prep last longer as the translucent powder sets it.

6. Apply your eyeshadow

Your eyeshadow is ready to be applied. Do your choice of makeup style.

7. Dust powder underneath the eyes

When you put powder under the eyes, it prevents two emollient surfaces to rub which may smudge or smear. Setting it with powder increases the chances it won’t!

8. Optional setting spray

You may spray it with a makeup setting spray to have it adhere even longer but this step is very optional as professional quality eyeshadows usually have the durability and pigmentation to omit this step.

Smile, now your eyes will be smudge proof!

I hope this guide has helped you keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day!

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