Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive HD Primer

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Nurturing Force® Blot Out Offensive™


Scoop out with a spatula onto a palette and with a damp sponge, apply to area. Too bad it’s not in a pump so you require a spatula if you want to keep it sanitary.
Spreads very nicely and not messy.
Men can use this to avoid having shiny t-zones and it will look completely natural.
You can use it underneath makeup or alone!
Great for makeup artists to use on TV sets where there are hot spots (shiny areas)

Very lightweight, you feel the area immediately primed, it doesn’t require wait time to be absorbed which is perfect for makeup artists. No time wasted!

Works excellent, creates a matte surface on any skin and primes the area for product to adhere to.
It doesn’t turn white if you apply sparingly
Makeup will also last longer on the skin

PRICE – 5/5
$24 for 14g is a great deal because you need so very little. I bought one jar and I practically use it on every client and I’m still not done after about a year.
It is a great deal and value.

Available online and now with Graftobian as ‘HD primer’

All natural ingredients and not tested on animals. I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still great.

None! No added fragrance


None that I can think of, the product packaging is fine because you can get every last bit of it without wasting in a pump.

Overall Score

– 9.67/10


Absolutely!! Great for all skin types to use and even on men to avoid overly shiny skin.
You can use this alone or underneath makeup. Extremely versatile!

Makeup artists: Excellent, practically a must have for me

Additional information:
Following is taken from:

Blot Out Offensive shine + oil control cream
– Our Instant Matte / Anti-Shine Moisture Cream can be used alone or as an HD Primer under make-up.
– All Make-Ups! Use under mineral make-up, liquid make-up, powders, creams & airbrushed applications (silicone, water + alcohol based products)
– Controls oil secretion and maintains your make-up application for up to 14 hours.

Nurturing Force® Blot Out Offensive
– is Not a Gel or a Liquid, but a moisturizing cream that makes shiny skin an instant matte canvas.
– Use as a Primer under make-up, as a barrier cream or alone; no matter which way, it will champion your need for anti-shine by providing a smoothing velvet finish to skin.
– Our formula is without silicone (dimethicone), without parabens, without added fragrance or color, providing skin with smoothing natural anti-aging + antioxidants through our Aloe Vera Gel First Formula.
– There is no stickiness or problems with streaking make-up (as with many gels and liquid anti-shine products and primers) Because our cream is massaged into the skin.
– Our comfortable moisturizing cream helps to protect the skin from blemishes caused by pore clogging make-up, or use our cream alone for a pore minimizing look to oily, blemished or combination skin.
– Apply with fingers, sponge or brush, rub into skin and you are ready to apply make-up if desired.
– No Sealed or Stiff Sensation, feel and look natural! Paraben-Free. Silicone-Free, No Added Fragrance, No Added Colors & No Animal Testing

Feel, See & Sense the Difference™

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