Q: Who is my most favorite person in the world?

I would believe that my most favorite person should be myself, because you know yourself, and you are the creator of your world around you. Even if you admire a celebrity/idol or anybody that is close to you, you should always remember that you should thank yourself to allow this opportunity to come for you to enjoy. I must say however it was not the case for most of my life. I had always admired others and placed more credit to others than to myself. I believe now that it is not exactly best for you to do that constantly in life. We each owe ourselves lots of admiration where there might not be some in other's eyes, and for this, admire and have faith in myself the most of all.

Q: What is my favorite song?

The first song that came to mind that I had recently listen to was Enya - May It Be while I was just servicing a client. The reason why this is a song I chose right off the bat was because it had the words "may it be". That things are the way they are and that it is on you to make what you will from it.

I am also a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so that type of music helps me stay in such a majestic mood. I love Enya's voice and every time I listen to her, I feel like I am taken out to another time and space. Her music makes you feel as if you are in another time, where there is inner peace in your soul. I love to dedicate time into recreating that feeling and that knowing of 'inner peace' in myself every day; songs like that help me achieve that. I totally suggest songs like that because they really allow for you to just be yourself and embrace the moment.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your life?

My job is my passion and for the most part my favorite thing to do. I love to get creative, I love to see beautiful happy faces on people that have deep and meaningful personalities like my own, those kind of smiles that say "I really am thankful and appreciative for this very moment of my life." I enjoy when everything around becomes incredibly magical, beautiful, and serene when those types of smiles completely take my breath away. In my profession, I enjoy lighting up people's inner love for themselves, and that is why it is my favorite thing to do around the clock.

Q: Do you have any hobbies besides your professional life?

Yoga! I love yoga. There are many things I learned early on when I first started yoga, like when my yoga teacher taught me how to set an intention for myself in everything I do throughout my life. This was good advice in personal matters. But what my yoga teacher taught me that helped me massively in my profession was about setting intentions for others you are working on/with or teaching, to give better emotional focus to your service to the world. I love hobbies that help me enhance my entire life in little bits and pieces.

Most makeup clients tell me "well I just don't want to look so tired!" or "Well I just want to look a lot more awake" or "Just the better version of myself". Though all those answers are great intentions, why not ask for something a little more meaningful? I believe that all those questions are just skimming the surface of what it is that they are asking for. I help women dig a little deeper and asked themselves what it is that they really want and usually that stems from issues of self appreciation, understanding, and self-love.

Q: What is your favorite food or cuisine?

I usually go for more healthy types of cuisines. However, if I were to choose a one, I would choose Japanese. The reason why I favor Japanese is because they dedicate skill, simplicity, and creativity into their food. The care, the acquisitions of the ingredients and presentation and the art in making sushi itself. They also do it with the right intention to nourish your soul and have you appreciate life, is quite beautiful..

The Japanese put a lot of time and effort in everything that they do. They believe that every action and creation is something that can be honored and look upon, and very much respected. I love the fact that they are very honest with themselves and that they are very hard-working in trying to achieve what is right and moral. And best of all, I just taste all that effort, love and appreciation when I eat Japanese authentic food!

Q: What is your favorite movie?

It is hard to pick a favorite movie, but I truly love very deep and thought-provoking movie types, such as Cloud Atlas, August Rush, Inception, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Troy, Hunger Games, and much more. I love movies that are very 'epic' shall I say. The reason why I like those type of movies is because it makes you feel like everything you do in that world is extremely grand and impactful when you live in a world of Gods, Kings and Queens, and mythical creatures. These types of movies expand our the creative imagination within all of us. Other movies such as August Rush are types of emotional movies I enjoy where it really reminded me how beautiful life is.

Q: What is your favorite genre of music?

Oh this part is really fun to talk about. Music is my life and it expresses a lot of how I feel! I really enjoy serene music such as Enya, Enigma with the very spiritual and meditative sense to it, and even house music like Swedish house Mafia, Gareth Emery, Avicii, some Tiesto, Above and Beyond, Gabrielle and Dresden too.

Indie music and artists unknown to the scene and even alternative such as goo goo dolls, U2, and a Japanese artist named Gackt. Gackt is what I call a completely dedicated and visual artist. He composes, writes his own music, plays it, produces movies based on his inspiration like Moon Child and directs his own movies and music videos, concerts etc. After listening to his voice once, most people tell me they are enraptured! There is also a Japanese duo named Cream Vision on youtube too I enjoy upbeat music too. I also like emotional and romantic small bands such as Explosions in the Sky. I enjoy Late-night Alumni, or the former Kaskade, Hammock is also good. Oh my goodness, how could I ever forget my most favorite band in the world: Sigur Ros!

They are absolutely sensational and completely life-changing and shattering. After hearing their music live where I attended their concert by myself - I actually was very bummed out I could not attend a summer cottage trip with the rest of my friends because of prior engagement, their concert became readily available that weekend. I have never gone to a concert myself but because a few good friends had told me that I really should go regardless, I decided to go. And boy did it spark a series of the biggest life-changing moments in my life about making individual choices and embracing them.

Without the fear taking me over of being alone, I attended the concert. So many people were there and many actually went alone. I was very intrigued by many people would go to this type of concert alone, and I realize because people went for the full enjoyment of the music and for the journey and experience it takes you to. Hearing their music recorded is one thing but the feeling there passion, dedication and efforts and their energy that pours from the deepest part of their souls to surround you with such grand beauty,wow. It was really life-changing for me. It was very emotional for me. I remember I went on their website afterwards, where they write out a section for you to comment on your feelings and so many fans would say how much the concert meant to them. It was like a moment of self appreciation and acceptance for so many people that they had gone to another chapter in their life and just felt relieved to hear their music. It really was a completely life-changing experience and it has shown me the power of music. For the that reason, I enjoy that kind of music.

Q: Can you share with us an experience where your work has possibly changed someone's life?

Actually, I can! There is a most recent profound moment where a client burst almost into tears, so much that if my partner and I at that service had not stopped her, she would've cried and ruined the makeup in the process! I was doing makeup for her and she was incredibly afraid to take off her makeup upon showing up for the appointment. My partner was asking why she had worn makeup when we ask that clients show up with no makeup on usually. She was very guilty and she said "it's because I don't feel very comfortable leaving the house without any makeup on at all." My partner and I without looking at each other, paused, and knew that this girl had some deep pain and sadness that caused her to feel this insecure.

We knew that something had to be done that day before our service for her ended. So we proceeded to do hair and makeup for her with the intention of 100% showing love and hoping that she sees this inner beauty in herself. And at the end, she looked at herself in the mirror and with her two hands almost covering her eyes and astonished, and could not believe how beautiful she felt and looked. Tears were swelling up in her eyes and it was equally a beautiful moment for my partner and I. We cannot believe how much joy we had brought to her when providing such a beautiful and dedicated experience. This is a very emotional story for me, and it shows the reason why I do the things I do. I really want women to feel those moments in their life where they know life can be beautiful if you just believe.

Q: In your profession, what kind of things have you studied in and outside of your industry?

I've done image consulting and life coaching, even nutrition. I've studied Holistic alternative beauty as well. I studied incredibly a lot! I've been a part of groups such as Mary Kay that opened ideas of business entrepreneurship to me. They even taught me my first business lessons in having your own consulting business. They would keep telling you that I could get far in life relying on yourself and others help. I would go to seminars and hear motivational stories of how women came from nothing to believe in themselves that they could do something and achieve something and really do. Some would make a lot of money to support their family and people that they love.

I also joined Lifestyles.net health products, which sells nutritional and health related products. I love being in the service of others. I would go to their weekly meetings and hear about how someone's life would miraculously change so much for the better because they took the time to care for themselves by eating the right food and having the right supplements to enjoy life to the fullest. I would hear about how people would be healed from cancer, animals and pets healing from such diseases and tumors, and other miraculous events that you truly would not believed happen. I have witnessed personal stories where people would swell up in tears in their eyes to tell you the amazement that they are in and how thankful they are to be alive and who they are today.

This was all after college, where I had just graduated from anesthetic school teaching me the necessary skills to work in a small businesses or open up your own business to pamper women and allow women to believe in themselves. I began to go on another journey to study more in makeup artistry, image consulting, permanent makeup, and much more.

I sought out very talented makeup artists that I knew with a good reputations to teach me what they knew. It came at a high price, but provided me so much value, knowledge and insight on what it is that I want to do. A wonderful teacher can teach you incredible amounts of knowledge and wealth. I am very thankful and grateful for my main mentor of makeup, Jacques-Lee Pelletier. He had always told me: "Olivia. Don't use your brain when doing makeup, use your intuition and God-given talent natural to women to feel and create!"

I then took a full course at George Brown College for image consulting. I believe with the necessary skills that I've learned throughout my life that I could really help put together a person to their greatest self potential. I graduated and receive a certificate and I was off to create, no not create because it is already there, but bring out beauty and remind people of their inner beauty.

Permanent makeup was more of a site course and program where I wanted to permanently remind people of what to appreciate on their faces. I never went to actually apply my skills. I've learnt and had hands-on practice with permanent makeup, but it was an invaluable skill to learn about shaping precision when it comes to makeup. Your hand dexterity has to be 100%. Otherwise, your client would be coming out with a poorly designed look. Permanent makeup requires also incredible long-term planning and knowing how a person's facial structure will move over time.. This type of skill added so much precision and fine tuning to my kit.

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