Other Artists, Friends or Foes?

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I am listening to this as I’m writing this note.
–>This song inspired my thoughts …. (please listen to my inspirational song)

A lot of times people ask me why I help out other artists so much. Whether it be in makeup, hair, wardrobe, even photography.
People say I shouldn’t give away my secrets or expose too much because I’m putting myself at risk.

But why not!?

I believe my coworkers and artists are also a source of my inspiration.
They are the most influential people you can have in your life and career.

Artists are people that have their own inner thoughts and feelings and have the ability to express it through a medium, whether it be music, painting, dancing, speech, or designs.
What would you express, as an artist, if you didn’t have a thought to express in the first place?

I like to experience a lot of things and I pick up inspiration very easily. I get a lot of ideas very randomly as well and I want to share it with others.

Your peers make up the industry you’re in!!
Why wouldn’t you want to share your ideas if this is the industry you want to be in?

If everyone shared your same passion on painting beauty and life on everyone to show them inner happiness and peace, wouldn’t that be a better world for you? You can share your happiness with everyone and everyone would stick together for this shared love, goal and passion.

Other Artists are my friends and my blessing for the beauty I paint. It allows me to and positively give back to world, and the people that I meet.

Other artists out there, you will know who shares the same passion with you when you meet or work with them, your heart sparks a flame.
I can name a very long list where successful artists and peers, friends, have inspired me and I thank you so much for it!

We all look forward to a better world where we can inspire the everyone for the better with what we do. =)

<3 Olivia.

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  1. Erica Chism
    | Reply

    Olivia, thank you for heralding the ability for us to work together in the cosmetics industry as peers and colleagues for mutual benefit and inspiration. You have done nothing but display this camaraderie to me in our interactions. I too seek to carry out this same philosophy in my cosmetics career. Kudos and Thanks for your blog!

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