10 Reasons why Professional Quality makes a Difference

Tailored to Your needs.

1. Saving you time

Your beauty needs planned for and will remind you on preparations.

Weddings: A schedule can also be done for you & your bridal party on when you will start to the time you wish to be done at.


2. You can sit and relax while your artist comes to you!

I wish to pamper you like a celebrity. You could just roll out of bed in pajamas!

  • Mobile equipment:

Able to service you anywhere you wish.

*Resort or destination weddings please discuss with me the travel arrangement.
I do have a valid and updated Canadian passport so please inquire for more details.


3. Your unique features showcased

As an Image consultant, I specialize in helping improve how you look on the outside and inside by taking your unique features and showcasing it beautifully.

Celebrities are promoted for what they are know for. Angelina Jolie and her mysterious personality, full lips and curvacious body.

You will be more proportionate to you, hence, ‘magically’ your features more beautiful the way they are.

  • Finding your true Colours
  • Make your teeth whiter, eyes brighter, undereye circles lighter as well as sun spots, discolorations, skin, and have it appear smoother and healthier.
  • Feel more energized.
  • Send out more positive energy, giving back more happiness to you too


4. Advice for your Skin

An Esthetician specializes in your beauty. We create a natural, smooth, healthy skin glow by using the correct ingredients for your skin.

  • Understanding your Skin
  • 40% of your makeup application is from your skincare moisturizing ritual. Only specific ingredients for different skintypes will penetrate through the dead skin cells on the surface.
  • Shaping your Eyebrows
  • The single most important feature of face
  • Frames your face
  • Can lift your face, open your eyes wider and bigger, make your nose appear more slimmer, appearing happier and more aesthetically appealing.


5. Applying of Art’s Principals on Lines/Shapes, Colour and Morphology.

  • Colour: Knowing what colours look good together on you, and where it will look good together.
    Good: orange ontop of blue will neutralize the colour.
    Good: Orange around blue eyes will bring out the eyes.
    Bad: orange around the mouth will highlight a blue moustache
  • Lines and Shapes: How lines will empower a feature on the face and where to apply lines so that it will de-age a face.
    Good: empowering a nice cheekbone to a beautiful jaw parallel to each other.
    Bad: drawing a line perpendicular to a laugh line and making it seem deeper than it is.
  • Morphology: How a face looks shows who that person is based on yin/yang principals.
    1. a sharp, dark and long eye makes this person look very masculine/yang on eyes and perceives as this person sees things in a very masculine, straightforward way.
    2. a rounded face with rounded features all around a person makes them look very feminine and delicate and is perceived through others as a delicate, sensitive and emotional person.
    3. a lot of blush highlighted on a person’s cheek can make this person look emotional and female/yin.


6. Flexible Hours

Tailoring an appointment that works best for your schedule.
I will be happy to help right away or answer you as soon as I can within 24 hrs.

Early morning starts for weddings is not a problem, and there is no extra charge for this service.


7. Knowing how to create your best look in:

  • Different Lighting

To make you look just right for a specific setting – not too dramatic or washed out.

Ex: Brides with blemished skin should not pick morning weddings as ideally you want the least amount of makeup for the delicate lighting at this time of day

  • Photography

Also keeping it timeless for generations. It is way different than in-person appearances!


8. Emergency Prepared

Knowing how to handle emergency situations that could possibly happen on your event: hives, sudden acne breakouts, sensitivity, rashes, and time control.


9. Sanitized Tools, Products

Using clean tools, products, and hands. I am certified as an esthetician in the knowledge and procedures to use proper disinfection and sanitation procedures.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral.


10. Reliability, Full-Time, Dedicated Professional

You will have the quality service you wish for and the reliability of a true professional artist.

My clients agree that they have got what they wished for and more! It is something I completely believe in: you should get what you wish for, and more!

Feel free to speak with me openly on any concerns.


Because you want the best services too for the value, Olivia provides complimentary services such as airbrush makeup, false lashes etc. too for you.

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Check out what Olivia has in her kit for you here! What’s In My Kit