A Lesson In Vulnerability And Authenticity

Bio bIt’s been a long busy Summer in the beauty industry. I enjoy taking out some time to do some collaboration work with younger artists and also teach the up and coming stars as well. I’ve been called “Sensei” by a few of my apprentice artists and friends on more than one occasion actually. To be honest, I’ve been incredibly honoured to be called as such.

Sensei is a Japanese word for “teacher” or guide, mentor. It’s a very honorable title to bestow upon someone you look upto and respect as a mutural friend and companion in and out of the workplace. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered wonderful people and artists that I am lucky enough to have called “friends”.

I’ve decided to write this post to share with you as I take the next step into teaching and helping my community through my leadership and insight I’ve had over 12 years in the beauty industry, and yes that’s over a decade! My intention is to take my extensive knowledge of beauty and focus it inward to help mentor people not only with their outer beauty, but also with their inner beauty too! As a Inner Beauty Guru, I will share with you what beauty of the soul means to me:

I was told a long time ago by an older generation of people that I should never share my secrets because people would take that information, use it as their own and try to triumph over who I am. Though there are people that are out to do this type of dishonourable work, (and it has happened to me in the past on numerous occassions) I still find it beneficial for my soul, the company around me, the communities  apart of and what I believe in and work towards: an open, healing and great learning environment for all to share my knowledge and experience.

I’m more wary of that ‘type’ of crowd that would do dishonorable acts, but it is still my free will and choice to continue teaching for the benefit of all: for me and for others. How could that goal of openness be achieved if I don’t open up my own doors and my own freedom? Someone who traps themselves inwardly will only be cut off from the world and be drained slowly of their own supply or let their souls slowly “die” away.

Every time I have reached out in just being myself and wanting to help, my efforts always come back even more. It’s like you send out a wave of genuine love for what you do and it comes back double! Especially when you least expect it and even when you doubt if you did the “smart” thing. I chose to do what I believe was right for me and what led me to feel most free.

It’s like the universe rewards you for being yourself, even in your most vulnerable state. Like when you wonder if this person will take advantage of you. (Of course practice this with people that will most likely not) That’s another lesson I would like to talk about more of in the future with you all: trust is to be earned! Not given away like free coupons. Help the people that you believe in. Spend time with people that inspire you. It will do good for your soul 🙂

So from this point on, I will continue to inspire you, guide you, and help lead the way to your own inner success by sharing my own life’s experiences. I hope you enjoyed this taste of my lessons in inner beauty!


Inner Beauty Guru
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