Tereza Michelle

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Just recently I had the pleasure of working with Tereza Michelle and Eikona.
Tereza has such a great personality and an awesome sense of humor, I truly had a wonderful experience working with her. With a sweet and caring heart, Tereza spends her days caring and tending for the unfortunate as well. She’s has a fabulous au-naturel body too!

I spent most of the time warming up her skin, I bronzed up her body with Scott Barne’s Body Bling and matched her foundation to her body’s because it was tanned. Then to contrast and match the warm glow, I decided to use cooler colors on her eyes to match the blonde hair so that it wouldn’t stand out too harshly against a warm body.

Here are a few pictures that came out from the shoot, enjoy!

Photography: Eikona Photography
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Ha (Olivia-Image)

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