This Is What I Said To A Lady With Teal Eyes

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Very recently I met with a lady that looked like she’s been through so much emotional stress that affects her physical, where she looked at me with watery eyes and asked: “Do you think I should change my eye color?”

I asked: “Why? They’re so gorgeous!”

Her: “No… They’re not.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Her: “I heard that my eye colour is what is making my bags under my eyes even worse. That people think I do drugs or I’m a drug addict. I want to have surgery to change my eye color Olivia. I looked into it, it can be done”

I looked at her with these gorgeous green blue eyes that were very clear with little to no specks in them.

I told her: “What I see is a beautiful woman with a beautiful eye color and a beautiful soul because you’ve been through a lot for yourself and others you care about.”

She said: “Oh no, oh no no no, did you know I lost weight? 35 pounds I did. And I thought my business would be better, my husband would treat me better, my kids would like me more, but none of that happened. It was as if I never lost those pounds. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have such low self confidence, I’ve had it all my life because of these bags under my eyes.”

Me: “You’re telling me what you see but I see someone who’s trying to discover themselves and is trying hard to find what it is that you love about yourself.”

Her: “No… No way. I have so many problems, I don’t ever make any money with my business, I always do it for cheaper because I want to help people, I help children give beautiful gifts to their parents for holidays for my services but I never ask more than what they have or is willing to give. ”

Me: “I see a woman who wants to help the world by seeing that money isn’t everything that there is tremendous value in what you do than the money you see that is given to you. You’re just confused if the money of what was given to you, your actual worth because you’re struggling with everything to pay your own bills with it.”

Teal Eyes QuotesShe proceeded to tell me more and more about what has happened in her life where she feels her children blame her for even passing on the gene of the dark bags and circles under their eyes that friends are now thinking they are drug addicts.

I told her that no matter if I changed her entire face, if she doesn’t recognize or refuse to see what’s beautiful about her, the makeup won’t do its justice by helping you.

Guys, I’m talking a beautiful blonde lady here, she has gorgeous teal-colored eyes that look like a clear sea. She’s an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom for over 20 years dedicating her life to raising her children right, and Is facing self esteem issues because she never took time off for herself and gave herself enough credit for it.

If you go into anything with the intention of hoping someone will give you credit for it, usually that’s going to end in you being dissapointed. You need to give yourself credit for trying something.

So I want to dedicate and take the time to ask what do you believe you’ve done that you deserve credit for the intention of going in to try, regardless of the results. The point is that most of us try to better understand ourselves and to improve ourselves for the better.

Even try writing a letter to yourself for 5 minutes while you sip your coffee or while you’re sitting in your bathroom and often we will see that if we just give ourselves that credit, it was that reassurance we needed ladies. Not from your boss, your friends, your children, your husband, your boyfriend, or your peers. It was you that’s just missing in your own equation.

Give yourself the gift of you 🙂

Olivia Ha
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